Volunteer Request Form & Online Submission

This form is to be used for the purposes of recruiting volunteers for events. Please note to ensure all volunteer requirements are met, this form should be submitted to the Volunteer Committee members 3 weeks prior to the event.

The submitted form will be automatically emailed to our Volunteer Committee who will review the request and be in contact with you if there are questions.  Otherwise, you should see e-mails to and from prospective volunteers.  Please respond to each request to confirm details or to let them know if they are not required.

Please note this is a request form only and does not guarantee sufficient Volunteers for your event. If you have not filled your requirements within a week of initial posting, please contact our Volunteer Committee again.

If you have any questions about recruiting volunteers please contact hcc.volunteers2017@gmail.com

Volunteer Request Form

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When describing Volunteer Tasks/Duties, please specify #'s required, Start time, End Time, and a brief description of the Tasks/Duties. [This text will be copied into the email sent to members that have expressed interest in volunteering]