Fern Boyd

Inducted on April 12th, 2011                           Nominated by:  Birgit Pearson

Fern has been a member of the Huntley Curling Club for as long as I can remember. Fern was a member of the original start up Founders Club committee that worked hard to get our Club in place. In the early days of the Club and ever since, she has been a staunch supporter, always ready to help out with whatever needed doing. She spent many hours in the kitchen on Carp Fair weekends cooking breakfasts and entertaining us all with her stories and warm sense of humour. While she may not be remembered for her curling prowess, she nevertheless has all the right equipment! Her broom is famous, as is her feisty “up and at ‘em” philosophy. There is at least one buck that we know of who couldn’t keep a step ahead of her – ‘Gordon’ will always have a place in our Club thanks to Fern’s steady eye! True to her family values, she was a driving force in instituting the Clan Spiel, which is still going today.

Fern reminded us again this winter at the Gore Mutual Provincial championships why she is so admired. She wowed the kids and audience by throwing the ceremonial first rock, but didn’t stop there – she took time to meet and talk to all the young people, holding court and charming them with her humour and spirit. The kids all loved her, as do we! I hope you will agree that Fern richly deserves to be named an Honorary Member.

Approved By:

Past President:  Lorne Rice

Past President:  Howard Healey

President:  Peter Smith