Locksley & Dixie Trenholm

Inducted on April 12,2014                       Nominated by:  Murray Pearson

During the 70’s, the rural community of Carp was growing, adding new housing developments and residents. Locksley and Dixie Trenholm saw the need to integrate new residents with members of the established families through sports, particularly youth, who could benefit from sports facilities that would grow the community. Locks and Dixie had been curling with a small group from Carp, supported by several local curling clubs, leading them to the idea of establishing a curling club in Carp that would serve to support community development.Locks sought the help of Keith Roe, an established community leader, to approach the Carp Fair Board, who were considering new buildings, to seek support for cooperation on Locks’ idea for a future curling club. When the Fair Board asked ”How many people would be interested?”, Dixie took the initiative to organize a survey of Huntley Township residents, 150 of whom said they would join if one was built, with 55 willing to help make it happen.

In June, 1978, Locks and Dixie called a meeting of the 55 volunteers to organize the HCC executive. In December, 1978, Locks succeeded in incorportating the Huntley Curling Club as the first step in seeking grants to fund the project. Locks Trenholm and Keith Roe co-chaired the first year. Locks continued as President for the second year. Locks applied for many grants and in February, 1980, the Huntley Curling Club received a Wintario grant of $132,280.93, matched by local fund raising. The Ottawa Valley Curling Association also helped finance building costs. Dixie served on the HCC executive for 5 years, in charge of publicity. Construction of the Huntley Curling Club started August, 1980 and Locks Trenholm threw the first rock at the Official Opening Ceremonies on February 28, 1981.

But Locks and Dixie didn’t stop there. Both were active curlers, always ready to help with club events, involved in bringing Curl Canada instruction to develop curling skill levels, and Dixie was the first skip at HCC to record an 8 ender, and to win HCC’s first major bonspiel – the Stanley-Gauthier for curlers with less than 5 years experience.

Locks was inducted into the Governor General’s Curling Club in 1993, promoted to Emeritus status in 2007, and served as president in 2003-04. The main focus of this Honorary Curling Club has been to recognize those who have made a significant contribution to curling, whether it be locally, provincially or nationally, not only as competitive curlers, but also as builders and administrators. Dixie too, continued her active role as Founding Chair of Publicity. She wrote weekly Curling columns for local newspapers, promoted the club at fundraising events and Carp Fair, and organized the Official Opening of HCC in February, 1981, as well as the 25th Anniversary celebration. She was instrumental in organizing the production of 4 HCC Cookbooks, represented Huntley Curling Club at two Friendship Tours of Scotland, and was on organizing teams at Scott Tournament of Hearts and 2 Labatt Briers.

Both Locks and Dixie demonstrated vision and perseverance in their quest, building a strong team of volunteers, leading by example to make their dream come true. Their vision, dedication and hard work is the reason HCC members and the community now enjoy the many benefits of a world class curling club. The Huntley Curling Club owes these founding members a huge debt of gratitude for their vision and passion in making a dream come true. Congratulations on a job well done!

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Past President:  Lorne Rice

Past President:  Cathy Shan>

President:  Kerry Johnson