Bob Hahn

Inducted April 2015 Nominated by:  Murray Pearson

Evening members who have recently joined HCC will not likely have met Bob Hahn, as he retired from active evening curling a few years ago, and only played daytime until retiring fully from the game in 2013. 

But over the three decades, Bob has been an active member, curling at the Club, serving on the Board of Directors as Building Director, working on several projects (a list as long as your arm!) that improved our facility. 

He served on the Ice Team for several years, using his technical skills as an electrical technician at CRC to build specialized boom & hand sprayers, house circle routing jigs and pump systems – whatever was asked of him – that contributed to the Ice Team’s ability to perfect their ice making skills.  

Being an avid curler, Bob saw the value and need for better viewing capability for those watching in the lounge, so he and his family donated and installed cameras that helped improve the curling experience.

But that is only part of Bob’s story and history with HCC. 

Not many members would know that Bob was initially, one of a small committee of local enthusiasts – people such as Locks & Dixie Trenholm, Stu Hichcock, Keith Roe and Dave Lemke – who in the late ’70’s, launched efforts to convert a dream of a curling club in Carp into a reality. 

A number of early meetings were held at the Hahn residence, where plans were made.  As you can imagine, the process was not without issues and challenges.  Eventually, with help from a Wintario Grant and lots of locally donated volunteer labour (his and Kurt’s included!), the HCC was born.

Bob’s many contributions over such a long period show the kind of determination and strength of character for which he is known, and we hope he will continue to return to his ‘alma mater’ many times as an Honourary Member to watch his grandkids carry on the tradition!

Approved by:

Past President:  Bill Vance

Past President:  Stewart Given

Past President:  Peter Smith

President:  Kerry Johnson