Gord & Lorraine Wright

Inducted on May 16, 2017                           Nominated by:  May Given

Gord and Lorraine Wright have been members of HCC for more than twenty five years, during which time they contributed significantly to the success and growth of our club.  Gord served as a Club board member in the early 1990’s.

When the Board asked for volunteers to organize day leagues to make better use of daytime curling opportunities and attract new members, they both got involved and were instrumental in establishing the Daytimers league. Gord also started the “Stick League” on Friday mornings and continues to this day as league convenor.  Through his involvement and work to train members on use of the stick, he has contributed to the enjoyment of many members who might otherwise have given up the Roarin’ Game.

Gord has curled in the Ottawa Valley Senior Men’s Competitive League since it was formed, and continues to serve on the management team as score keeper and statistician for the 36 teams.

Not to be outdone, Lorraine figured that if the men could have such a league the ladies should have one too.  Through her leadership the Ladies Valley League evolved that continues to this day.  The original trophy donated by them is still within our Club.

As an offshoot of daytime curling, Gord and Lorraine ran a 222 Bonspiel for several years (2 men and 2 ladies whose combined ages must total 222 years).  They called their bonspiel the White Elephant Bonspiel because the prizes were items donated by the Daytimers (white elephants).  This was a very popular event that attracted teams from many other clubs and raised a significant amount of money for our Club over several years.

In 1998 they ably represented our Club when they took part in an exchange of curlers to Scotland.  They participated on the various committees planning the itinerary, gift selections and presentations.  They were part of a Curlers Court in the Village Ha’O’Dunlop on October 31, 1998 and qualified as a bonafide Canadian curler. Scotch drinking was introduced to Gord and many a “wee dram” was enjoyed.  Don’t ask him about his burning shirt! 

In 2002, they were part of a Tour Committee representing the Huntley Curling Club to reciprocate a curling tour of 24 curlers from Scotland.  They established contacts and scheduled games within several Valley Clubs ie, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place, Arnprior, Renfrew and Huntley.

Both have always been willing volunteers at the Club, contributing their time and effort in the bar, the kitchen and at the Carp fair, where they helped with F&B duties as well as taking a turn on our booth to promote our Club..

Their friendliness and good sportsmanship make them very good ambassadors for the Club, as witnessed by how well known and respected they both are in curling clubs in the Valley. They are worthy candidates for this Award, and I recommend they be so honoured at our closing banquet.

Approved by:

Past President:  Lorne Rice

Past President:  Cathy Shane

President:  Lidia Cormier