Janet & Frank Bell

Inducted April 2018                           Nominated by:  Murray Pearson

Frank and Janet joined the club in 1988, curling 3 nights a week, men’s, ladies, mixed & Friday night mixed. Frank served on the Board of Directors for 4 years, serving as Kitchen Director, with Janet as his capable right arm. He managed the bar, did bar scheduling and helped as draw master for men’s nights. He also served as Club President, guiding the Club through many issues and challenges.

Janet’s contributions to the Club have been considerable. She was always ready and willing to volunteer for club work, not only in the kitchen, but with renovation work, where she pitched in to help paint and decorate. Her forte, however, was focused on foodservice achievements, where her efforts contributed to the success of many bonspiels where food preparation and service was needed. She worked on many of the major bonspiels, such as the Carp Classic, closing Dinners, Rentals, Carp Fair breakfasts, the Y2K Dinner Dance, the Carp Fair BBQ tent & Carp Fair curling club booth and more recently, the Mad Hatter bonspiel dinners. She was an important, founding member of the “Washing machine wizards”, the gang that has put together fabulous roast beef dinners for the Club over the years.

Frank and Janet were avid curlers who enjoyed both the competitive and the social aspects of the game. Winning was never top of mind (both enjoyed the camaraderie as much or more than the game outcome), but Janet’s team did win ladies club championship once and Frank’s men’s team won the men’s night championship. They became true goodwill ambassadors for the Club as they participated in many bonspiels in and outside the Club, socially, and in many OCA events. They were both well known in Ottawa curling circles both for their prowess at the game, but more importantly, for their integrity and warm personalities that helped build HCC’s reputation as a friendly club. Janet still pitches in with kitchen work. I miss Frank’s calm presence and steadfast friendship and am honoured to nominate them both for this award.

Approved by:

Past President:  Lorne Rice

Past President:  Cathy Shane

President:  Lidia Cormier