2018 Huntley Newsletter 40

Hello curlers.  Here are a few more items:

Volunteers Needed: Folks, we are still short 5 or 6 people to help out for a couple of hours each to help us with our Club Championship day events this Sat 6 April.  We are hosting a Silver Tankard Draw (a regional curling competition in which we have two teams from HCC competing for the rights to go to the provincials) first thing, and then holding our own club championships all day, followed by the kickoff of our “Last Rock” club closing, week-long bonspiel.  Please help us make this a successful day.  We would be happy to have help from you, even if you have already done 6 volunteer hours.  So far we have come up short, despite appeals to all those that have not yet filled their hours.  For more details see our volunteer opportunities listing.

Notification of Huntley Curling Club Elections: As you are all aware, we routinely hold elections at our Annual General Meeting (14 May this year) to fill vacancies and replace folks that have finished their time with the Board.  This year will be no different, and we are looking for some folks that are willing to step forward and help out the club, and more importantly, join an active and fun group of folks that work together to ensure that we all have a superb curling club for the next year and on into the future.  We are asking for nominations of folks to join us.  Please submit your nominations, with the endorsement of a seconder, to the Secretary HCC.  She can be contacted by email using the link on our website at: Club Management

Daytimers’ Year-end Curling and Luncheon Social Thurs 11 Apr: This is the daytimers’ closing event, and will be held on Thurs 11 Apr.  Cost is $12 and you can sign up on the form in the lounge.  Registration closes Fri 5 Apr.  Same format as ever: two short draws at 09:00 and 10:30: get there early for a great caffeine and sugar dose before your game!  This will be followed by a catered lunch at about 12:30. 

Caterer is Stittsville Villa, and the menu is Greek Chicken, Greek Salad, Parsleyed potatoes etc.  Gluten free except for buns.  Other special requirements can be accommodated; please contact Phil if you have special needs.

Hostage shoes freed! Yes, thank you to all that were involved in the investigation and subsequent recovery of the purloined shoes…..well, that is a bit over the top…one glance at the photo of the substitute shoes was enough to cause the guilty hostage-taker to come clean.  All’s well that ends well.

Registration Teaser: we are on track to open Registration on 1 Apr….yes that is tomorrow!  I will send out the official newsletter when we are a go….final touches to be completed tonight at the board meeting.