2018 Huntley Newsletter 41

Hello all.  Well, your board did it!  We got the last few items ironed out tonight and have been able to meet the target date to open registration, of 1 Apr.  We are a go!

There are links avail to obtain descriptions of leagues, dates they play, who they are, how many teams, etc on our website under “membership”, and I commend them to you.  There are new leagues this year, and new times, so you really should take the time to have a look as you choose your desired leagues.  See our Leagues section.

Late breaking news:
1. Youth fees: after reconsidering the rationale, the board decided not to charge youth curlers the Capital fee of $25 and limited the fee increase to $10, so youth fees for next year will be $135, instead of the proposed $170.
2. We have a new ladies fixed open league that will play on Monday evenings, alternating 7 and 9pm, and with the opportunity for the top ladies teams to compete into the interlaced Monday evening Fixed Open league that will be playing at the same time.  
3. We have expanded the capacity of several leagues, so you should have a peek at the descriptions.

Remember, returning members get preference in the selection of their leagues, but only if they register and pay by the Membership Preference date of 31 May 2019.  In the event that leagues are oversubscribed, we will be applying first come first served, based on date of payment, so earlier is better.  Our policy:

Membership and Team Registration Policy