2018 Huntley Newsletter 46

Hello all: well, the Last Rock Event has closed our year of curling off in fine style.  Many of us curled, and 
many had a shot at the honours and cash….but only a few prevailed!  IF YOU BET ON THE CORMIER RINK
you need to claim your winnings, see below.

The Last Rock: well, as I alluded, the Cormier Rink was victorious over the Sinclair Rink in a superb game.
for pictures, and some superb videos of important shots (Ok, I took the videos and think they are great!) 

The Last Rock Calcutta Bets:  If you bet on Cormier, you need to claim your winnings Sunday 14 or Mon 15 Apr.

Miscellaneous items:

1. Garry Valiquette and Bruce Sample score a perfect 6 ender in stick curling

2. Club Championship: we closed out the league and club championships in style, with some superb curling.  The final results will be up on the website shortly.

3. Registration for 2019/2020: we are going gangbusters with over 1/3 of our members re-registered already.  Did I tell you that the earlier you register the better?  I know I did.  See the policy at:

Membership and Team Registration Policy (114 downloads)

4. Last Chance to Volunteer for the year: we need some folks to help us clean up the club on Sat 27 Apr. 

5. Ottawa Hosting the World Mens: we sold quite a few tickets. 

Thats all for now folks.  I will be back on the air and in your inbox as we lead up to the AGM on 14 May….7pm….mark your calendars!