Team Valliant Wins Senior Division

Bill White, a foremost leader and former executive of the Ottawa Valley Senior Men’s Curling Association ( OVSMCA ) presented the OVSMCA “White” Plaque for the curling year 2018-2019 to Team Valliant of the Huntley Curling Club, Carp. Bill congratulated (arguably, maybe even just a little bit arguably) the best five man senior curling team on the (their own small) planet. The team won all of their seven games of the seven game playoff series, and thus won their division. Ross goes on to report: We didn’t win the championship but won our division.  However, we were the only team, of the thirty-six teams in the league, to win all seven games of the playoffs. The league will be expanding next year to forty teams; including one more team from Huntley. That team will be the Carl Smith team.  Huntley will now have six teams in the seven club Association.All teams play every Wednesday in each of the seven clubs.  There is also an Ottawa Valley Senior Ladies Curling Association; of which Huntley has a very competitive team.