2018 Huntley Newsletter 47

Hello all.  (I didn’t say Hello curlers, as I think we are all has-beens until next season!)  Yes the Annual General Meeting is soon upon us….14 May 7pm at the club.  Here are several news items in addition to the title subject.

AGM Preparation: Constitution and Bylaw Amendments

In preparation for the meeting, the board wishes to provide you a number of documents to have a glance at, so that if you can add to the discussion at the meeting, the membership will be in the best position to make decisions for our future.

Accordingly, here is the first one: Our Constitution and Bylaws are in need of some updates. Please review the following document:

Proposed Constitutional and Bylaw Amendments (251 downloads)

Some are easy to understand: there were typos, and para numbering issues, and no recognition that we nowadays use websites, emails, and newsletters to keep our folks informed.  Others are more fundamental to how we do business and are worthy of a much closer look.  These changes will need to be discussed and voted on at the AGM, so it would be great if you could have a look well before……and send any questions/comments/concerns or requests for more info to our Secretary at :  secretary@huntleycurling.ca as she is leading this effort.

Stay tuned for more as the big day approaches.

Registration Update

Wow, we have about half of our folks already registered for next year.  Remember: as a returning member you must register by 31 May to get preference for your choice of leagues and teams.  After that date, the board will fill the leagues on a first come first served basis.

Curlers looking to Join a team, or teams looking to recruit a player:

Our Match Director Jim Collings and our Membership Director David Bird are here to help!  Please contact them with your information, and they will get back to you with what information they have.  Please use the following examples to help you identify the information that you need/have.

Heading-  Player looking for an opening on a team.
  My name is John Doe.
I’m new to HCC this year. (or I have curled at Huntley for XX years)
I’m a male curler with 8 years of experience.
 I’m looking for a spot on a team in the Monday Twilight league and willing to play any position.
I can be reached on my cell phone @ ____________ or my email _________________

Heading – A team looking for a player.
   Team Doe is looking for a lead for the Tuesday night men’s league. 
  Please contact John Doe on his cell phone ___________or drop an email at ________________ and we’ll get back to you. 

Frank Rezny Update

Frank will curl again!  ….but not for a while.  He is on the mend, but it is slow and steady. 

That’s all, for now, folks, expect a few more emails with other AGM links in the next few days.