Newsletter: January 2020

Well the holiday season has finally come to a close. I hope each and every one of you had a chance to be with family & friends all while taking the opportunity to reflect on the year that past. New years is always an exciting time as it brings hope and inspires us to set goals for ourselves.  We are filled with optimism and aspirations for the year ahead. As president, I myself am filled with enthusiasm for HCC and excited for its members and the upcoming 2020 season.  Honestly, I have nothing but good news to bring you.


Club Caterer

In an attempt to create greater value for our membership, the board of directors has elected to move forward with an in-club caterer. Whitney Toogood is a member of our club and a full-time gourmet chef, who happens to head the culinary department at Algonquin College. The board plans to slowly provide opportunities to this new venture by offering Whitney to cater the in-house bonspiels. In addition, she may consider providing meals to both the Monday & Thursday evening Twilight leagues a couple of times a month.   

Whitney catered the cash spiel last weekend providing lunches and dinner to the patrons who participated.  We received rave reviews on these meals and that can also be confirmed by (8) eight members of our club who to part in the spiel.

Learn to Curl

HCC’s L2C program has been a huge success for our club. We have 53 graduates, 44 of which have all agreed to stay on and join our Saturday night U-5 league under convener Corey Mundy for the remainder of this year.

This will bring us up to 18 teams for the 2nd half of the year. Our goal and aspirations are that all of these new members return next year as full-time members.

Many thanks go out to Dawn Rodney, Glenn Lawrence, David Cotten, Charlene Johnston and others for the excellent job they have done with this program. It will be HCC’s intention to run (2) two more sessions in the fall of 2020.
  ** Don’t let anyone ever tell you that HCC doesn’t have room for expansion, because we do !!!!

Upcoming Events

I’m encouraging every member to get involved !!!

U-3 Bonspiel “ Kick-Ass” – Sat. Jan. 25th 2020

This year is the 2nd annual U-3 bonspiel which has gained momentum following last year’s inaugural event. This idea is designed to provide an opportunity for newer curlers to the sport, primarily HCC members, a taste of competitive competition all while playing in a fun atmosphere against players of their own skill & experience level.

** Great news.  It’s (3) three weeks until the opening draw and we are already filled to capacity with (16) sixteen teams.

The Presidents Curling Challenge – Sat./Sun. Feb. 8th & 9th 2020

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

HCC has challenged the (3) three other area curling clubs to a winner take all, 2-day round-robin format, total accumulated points team bonspiel.

Almonte, Richmond and Carleton Place curling clubs have agreed to participate.

Each club will enter (2) two teams in each of the following categories.  Senior mixed, open mixed, open men’s & open ladies.

The curling club with the most overall accumulated points on Sunday afternoon will be crowned champions and take home the President’s Cup in which will be proudly displayed in their lounge for a year.

I’m pleased to announce that HCC will be hosting this 1st ever event. It’s a fabulous opportunity to gain some revenue for our club and the hope is that this becomes an annual event that area curlers who can look forward to participating in for years to come.

HCC needs you !!! I’m calling on our club members to step forward, and enter a team in (1) one of the divisions. Let’s show other clubs, the pride, enthusiasm, spirit and comradery we have in our club. I’m asking that even if you are not participating, that you as HCC members come out, show support and cheer on our players at this event. Register here.

The Mad Hatter – Saturday March 7th 2020

This is one of our fun spiels of the year and if you have never participated before, it’s high time you do. Register here.

The Last Rock – Sat. April 11th – Sun. April 19th 2020

** Mark this in your calendar now.
This is HCC’s annual week-long extravaganza and is designed to encourage all HCC members to participate.

Anyone who entered last year’s inaugural event will attest to having a fantastic time. This bonspiel is designed to assist you in meeting other members of our club who you may never have had the chance to meet.

The format levels the playing field so teams are competitive and through this parity, almost every game comes down to “ The Last Rock “ before a winner is declared.

The committee will be making some minor tweaks so as to create even more excitement than last year.

There will be (4) four divisional champions crowned A,B,C & D. All semi-finals and finals will take place on Sunday April 19th 2020.

Other Updates

HCC – Cash Spiel

Our club held it’s 1st ever annual cash spiel over this year’s holiday break. The two (2) day event was held on Dec. 28th & 29th 2019 @ HCC.  I’m extremely pleased to announce that the championship title was claimed by HCC’s own Team Collings.

Jim Collings, Bridget Devitt, Shawn Lynch & Heather Kosierb

Congratulations you made HCC and it’s members extremely proud. Special thanks go out to our events manager Peter Smith and in house chef Whitney Toogood for overseeing the success of this bonspiel.

Team Hack Attack Heads to Austria

Club Members Christine Dewar, Gord Turcotte, Karen & Kerry Johnson are heading to Innesbrook Austria on Jan. 9th 2020 for a week-long event representing Canada. Wishing you a wonderful time, success and memories.

Cathy Mary Shane Valliant

In closing, it’s with great sadness that I need to announce the passing of Cathy Mary Shane Valliant.

She was not only a long-time member of HCC but also a former president who made major contributions to our organization. Cathy was a special lady and beloved friend of all who knew her. Her laughter, kindred spirit and gentle nature will not be forgotten and forever missed. HCC was her winter sporting palace and she will always be known as it’s princess. Cathy would not want us to mourn her loss, but more so would want us to celebrate her life legacy by continuing to curl, having fun and always joke and laugh with each other. Cathy, you will be forever missed, cherished and remembered!