Huntley Curling Club Reopening FAQ

Thanks for the great questions Huntley Members. Here are some answers to our most common questions.

Expect this page to be updated shortly after our next Board of Directors Meeting August 18th.

Will I get a refund if the season is cancelled, postponed, or otherwise interrupted?

Full refunds will be available until October 31st. From November through April, we will give appropriate pro rated refunds.

In Case of Temporary Shut Down

If there is a mandated shutdown between October and January, and there is a chance the club will be able to reopen we will wait to issue refunds.

How often will the club be cleaned and how much will it cost the club?

The club will be investing heavily in cleaning equipment such as hand sanitizers, wipes, masks, and PPE for bar staff.

Historically our contracted cleaner has cleaned the club twice a week. We will be increasing this to three times a week, with increased duties.

We have investigated contracting additional professional cleaners for daily club cleaning. Unfortunately, this will bring new people into ‘Huntley’s bubble’ increasing risk to us all. In addition, the cost is prohibitive such that our club would be unable to open.

Electrostatic Sprayer

The curling club will be purchasing an Electrostatic Sprayer unit to “wrap” spray disinfectant. This is the same device used by airlines and some healthcare facilities. Electrostatic Sprayers work by charging the liquid disinfectant as it passes through the sprayer nozzle. This generates charged droplets that repel one another and actively seek out surfaces, which they stick to and even wrap around to coat all sides.

Here’s a YouTube Video describing how it sanitizes large and small areas.

Following each draw, the Electrostatic sprayer will be applied to the lounge and other high touch areas.

What is the Club’s protocol if a member tests positive for COVID-19?

The Club will not reveal any health information about any member at any time to other members, including COVID-19 test results.

If you test positive for COVID-19: For the protection of your friends and other members, you are encouraged to inform the Membership Director, David Bird at

The Membership Director will send an email to all members that a member (their name will be kept private) has tested positive. The email will include the days and times that member was curling so you can determine if you were in the club at the same time and take appropriate actions.

Contact Tracing with Public Health and other Government Authorities

If a member tests positive for COVID-19, Public Health and other government authorities may ask Huntley to provide the names of people using the club. Under these circumstances Huntley will co-operate and provide the authorities with your name and contact information.

Can the Daytime Leagues have Coffee and Snacks?

You may bring snacks to the club but they MUST be commercially pre packaged. For example, you can bring granola bars or cookies that are individually commercially packaged and distribute them.

Coffee: we are examining different options and will have a final response shortly.

Can I borrow a club broom, slider or other equipment?

Our preference for everyone’s safety is for all players to have their own equipment. For those who still require an equipment loan you can contact the membership director to make arrangement to borrow a broom, slider and gripper for the season.

If a team needs a spare can they bring a non-member to play?

For the safety of all members, this season the curling club is for our members only. We do not want any non-members entering the club.

Can I go to the club when I am not curling to watch my partner / spouse curl or just to hang out?

If you are not curling, please do not enter the club, it helps mitigate everyone’s risk.

Why can’t I use a locker to store my belongings while I curl?

The locker rooms are an enclosed space where social distancing could easily be compromised. To minimize locker room crowding we only want members putting on their curling shoes and then moving to the ice surface quickly.

Will we have Learn to Curl?

It will be smaller than previous years but yes, we are planning an Adult Learn to Curl program. Participants will provide a $75 deposit for a broom, slider and stabilizer. We want participants to keep their equipment for the season. This way we don’t have to worry about disinfecting equipment.

Will there be youth curling this season?

We are working on this and awaiting guidance from CurlON. We hope will post more information before the end of August.

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