August COVID-19 Update to Our Members

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback on the Return to Curling Plan! More than 255 members provided feedback that will make curling better for us all.

The highest ranking issues are addressed in this email:

  • Curling start date
  • Mask and social distancing enforcement
  • Cleaning the club
  • Social Distancing space at the front entrance
  • Twilight draw times
  • Winner buys loser a drink after game
  • Can I hold a preferential space for the 2021/22 season if I do not curl this year?

Here is the Board’s response to each of these issues:

Curling Start Date – October 13th

We were originally planning to start curling on October 5th, one week earlier than normal. Many of you would prefer a delayed start to see how the opening of schools impacts the Ottawa community, so Curling will begin October 13th, immediately after Thanksgiving. We may even delay it until later if the conditions require it.

Risk Free Refund Policy

The Curling Club is offering full refunds until October 31st. This means you can register and then if you decide not to curl before the end of October you will get a full refund. Beginning November first, refunds will be prorated.

Masks and Social Distancing Enforcement

Many members asked about masks and social distancing enforcement. We are insisting on masks throughout the club (except on the ice and while seated in the bar area – if you stand up, a mask will be required) and social distancing because it keeps all of us safe. We are a community and as such must look out for one another.

The mask and social distancing rules are in place to protect all of us from getting sick. One person can ruin the curling season by making others sick. To protect all of us, anyone chooses to flout, ‘push the envelope’ or otherwise challenge the mask and social distancing rules will have these consequences:

  • First offence: the offender will be telephoned and sent a warning letter
  • Repeat offences: the offender will be expelled from the club and an appropriate refund issued.

Mistakes vs. Deliberately Challenging the Rules

Mistakes will happen when someone forgets their mask, or accidently gets too close. When reminded they quickly correct. Such incidents will not trigger a warning.

A deliberate challenge or refusal to cooperate will trigger a warning.

Cleaning the Curling Club

The club will be investing heavily in cleaning equipment such as hand sanitizers, wipes, masks, and PPE for bar staff.

Historically our contracted cleaner has cleaned the club twice a week. We will be increasing this tothree times a week, with increased duties.

We have investigated contracting additional professional cleaners for daily club cleaning. Unfortunately, this will bring new people into ‘Huntley’s bubble’ increasing risk to us all. In addition, the cost is prohibitive such that our club would be unable to open.

Electrostatic Sprayer

The curling club will be purchasing an Electrostatic Sprayer unit to “wrap” spray disinfectant. This is the same device used by airlines and some healthcare facilities. Electrostatic Sprayers work by charging the liquid disinfectant as it passes through the sprayer nozzle. This generates charged droplets that repel one another and actively seek out surfaces, which they stick to and even wrap around to coat all sides.

Here’s a YouTube Video describing how it sanitizes large and small areas.

Following each draw, the Electrostatic sprayer will be applied to the lounge and other high touch areas.

Cleaning Volunteers Needed to For the Club to Open

Member volunteers will play a critical role in sanitizing after each draw.  Without these critical volunteers the club will not be able to open!

We need a ‘Crew Captain’ to coordinate volunteers for each league. It is our expectation that each team will do its part to complete the sanitizing routine after each draw on a rotating basis.

If we want to curl this year then we all need to do our part.  With a little extra effort from everyone we can still partake in the game we all love.

If You can Volunteer – Please contact us

If you are able to volunteer as a ‘Crew Captain’ please contact our Building Director Shawn Lynch at

Space in the Front Entrance

Some concern was expressed about crowding the in front entrance where people will remove their boots and hang their coat. The Board has implemented the following flow to protect members as much as possible:

30 minutes between draw times allows players to either exit the club or sit in the lounge

You are asked not to enter the club until 15 minutes before the start of your game

After removing your boots and coat, proceed down the stairs and put on your curling shoes in one of the change rooms. Members will not be allowed to put their curling shoes on in the front entrance.

The two change rooms can accommodate 24 people and maintain social distancing. There will be dots indicating spaces to sit. If there is not a dot available, you will wait outside the change rooms until one becomes available.

Marshals will help us with the flow

During the first few weeks of curling volunteer marshals will be on hand to help us at the front door, in the change room and on the ice to keep traffic moving.

After a few weeks we will all get the hang of it!

Draw Time Changes

Based on current registrations we are forecasting sufficient registrations for single evening draws on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays.

Twilight Draws; Monday – Thursday will Start at 5:00

Many members are unable to curl with a 4:30 start time, so all twilight draws Monday – Thursday will begin at 5:00.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday twilight draws will end at 7:00. You must be off the ice at 7:00.

Tuesday Twilight will begin at 5:00 and end at 6:45.

Evening Draws Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – Single Draws

Based on registrations for each of these evening leagues we are forecasting single draws. Each of these draws will begin play at 8:00 p.m. and play until 10:00.

Tuesday Twilight and Evening Draws

Tuesday is the busiest evening in the club with a Twilight draw and two evening draws. We are forecasting all these leagues to fill or be close to capacity. The current start / end time plans are:

  • Tuesday Twilight will be from 5:00 – 6:45
  • Tuesday Evening first draw will be 7:15 – 9:00
  • Tuesday Evening 2nd draw will be 9:30 – 11:15

Weekend Leagues

Saturday evening social will be at least one draw, possibly two.

Other weekend leagues may require consolidation with other leagues. We are waiting upon final registrations numbers.

Daytime Leagues

Registrations are down but we are hoping to see more registrations before August 31st. For the time being we are not planning any changes to Daytime leagues.

Winner Buys Loser a Drink – Not with COVID-19

It’s been a long standing tradition that the winning team buys the losing team a drink after the game. Many survey respondents want this tradition paused this coming season so nobody feels like they must stay for a drink.

If I Do NOT Curl This Year, Do I get member preference when signing up next year?

Since this is not an immediate issue related to the immediate season, we will make a final decision on this issue later. 

Please tell us your plans

Please read this email and reread the Return to Curl Plan and FAQ. Combined these three documents outline how Huntley will operate for the 2020/21 season.

Full Refunds Available until October 31st

If you are satisfied with the reopening plan, please register. This is vitally important because we must know how many people are returning and ensure the teams are correctly aligned.

If you are not sure about returning, you may still sign up and try curling with social distancing. You have until October 31st to get a full refund. There is no risk!

If you are not returning

It’s important that you tell us so we can plan. Please go to this two question survey to let us know.

Thank you again for completing the reopening survey. As you can see it helped us make some important decisions.