Updated Return to Curling Plan

We have updated our Refund Policy and the current planned return to curling date is January 2nd, 2021.

Full Refunds until November 30th

Members are entitled to a full refund until November 30th, and the Stay in Touch Membership is optional, but encouraged because it helps the club recover financial losses.  

Pro Rated Refunds after Curling Begins

There will also be prorated refunds after November 30th even if there is a government shutdown:

  • 80% refund to January 4, 2020; keeping 20% covers Ice installation and costs.
  • Refunds will reduce by 10% for each 2-week increment (every second Monday) of curling.
  • Shutdown Refunds will not be issued after March 28, 2021.

Full refund policy details can be found here in the Members Only section of the website.

Still giving 25% rebate to all members

As compensation for the shorter season, beginning after December 6th you will be issued a 25% rebate on curling fees already paid. These refunds will be applied to the credit card you paid with. If you paid by cheque we will issue you a cheque for your rebate.

Please let us know if you would like to donate some or all of your rebate to the curling club. As shown below the curling club is facing losses greater than $50,000 whether we open or remain closed.

Refund Payout Example

If you paid $500 between May and today you will receive a $125 refund in December.

Worst case – curling starts up Jan 4 and we are forced to close Jan 19. You will get a further refund of $300.  ($375x 80% = $300)
Net result (worst case) is a cost of $75 for those 2 weeks of curling and a chance to have a curling season.

The Curling Club’s Finances

Like other businesses Huntley is taking a big financial hit this season:

  • If the Club does not open, we forecast losses of $58,000
  • By opening in January, we forecast slightly lower losses of $50,000

If you can, please consider donating some or all of your rebate back to the club.
If you decide not to curl, consider purchasing a Stay in Touch Membership which gives you priority for next year’s registration, access to email, member area of the website and voting at the AGM and helps the club financially. The price is $100.

Your patience is appreciated, trying to manage a viable season start-up has been difficult and we have needed to adjust plans and communications frequently.  Rest assured that the board has both the interests of the club and individual members at heart.