Review COVID Curling Rules

The rules of curling have changed thanks to COVID-19. Before you start your season, please make sure you are familiar with and ready to follow the new rules:

Return to Play Rules

The Huntley Curling Club COVID-19 Protection Plan approved by the Board of Directors is intended to provide guidance and protection for our members. This plan may be modified without notice at any time due to the changing parameters and protocols surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. This plan is based on guidance from Curling Canada, CurlON, the Province of Ontario and Ottawa Public Health. Safety of our members and staff is our top priority, but we want to curl as well.

The Ottawa Region is presently in the Province’s ”Restrict” category, permitting us to host up to 50 persons within the lounge and also within the ice area, provided there is no crossover between groups. Every league membership is greatly reduced compared to normal, so this concern has become less of an impediment. We do insist that members follow Public Health as well as HCC’s guidelines for COVID protection in advance of arriving, or while at the club.

Members may provide feedback on this plan to the Board of Directors for consideration by emailing


Prior to entering the club:

  • Carefully review all communications issued by the club prior to and during curling.
  • Provide a signed Waiver for Release of Liability, as well as a COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance, before entering the club at start of the season. These documents will be made available to all members.
  • Self-assess daily, and stay at home if you feel unwell, or if you have any COVID symptoms. A screening questionnaire will be made available to all members.
  • Advise the club immediately if you test positive for COVID, come into contact with someone with a positive test, or receive an alert from any COVID app.

Upon entering the club:

  • Arrive dressed to curl (except shoes) no earlier than 15 minutes prior to draw time.
  • Ensure you are wearing a mask suitable for COVID protection.
  • Register by scanning your QR code identifier into the Tablet provided in the lobby every visit, to provide for contact tracing if required. Each member will be issued a unique QR code, which may be printed or accessed on their phone.
  • Remove outdoor shoes in the lobby, then sanitize hands. Enter the club via the basement, and pass onto the ice via the lower lounge. Avoid the upper lounge until after your draw.
  • Leave your coats in the lobby, or take them with you. All other possessions must be taken to the ice area.
  • Lockers must not be used. Both locker rooms are available to any member, but only for putting on shoes, stretching or warming up.

While in the club:

  • Practice physical distancing, good hand hygiene and all other public health guidelines.
  • Utilize the hand sanitizing stations at all points within the club, frequently.
  • Wear suitable COVID protection masks at all times when within the club. The only exceptions are when you are sitting at a table, or playing on the ice. Masks are strongly recommended on the ice, but are not mandatory per current Ottawa Public Health as well as Provincial Guidelines for sports activities.
  • Bring your own water in a personal bottle. Water will not be available in the ice area.
  • Participate in sanitizing high-touch locations and specific areas after each draw. (Details to follow).
  • Eliminate mingling of post-game curlers and pre-game curlers from adjacent draw times.
  • Enter the ice only via the lower lounge at Sheet 2; exit the ice only via the door at Sheet 4.

While on the ice:

  • Wear your mask while entering or exiting, or when on the end boards. The mask may be removed while curling, although full-time masking is strongly recommended.
  • Maintain physical distancing at all times. Take extra care when entering or exiting.
  • Do not shake hands, fist bump or make any other physical contact.
  • Avoid touching any surface you do not have to, including door handles.
  • Do not use the coin wheels or any communal equipment for the “coin flip”. Use a non-contact method instead, such as “odd-even” using a stopwatch.
  • Prior to beginning play, one member of your team must sanitize your team’s rock handles with the wipes available.
  • Handle only your own rocks after sanitizing, never anyone else’s. No interchanging of rocks during your match.
  • Use only your own personal equipment, never anyone else’s.
  • Do not use the regular scoreboards. Individual scoresheets will be provided for manual scoring.
  • Sanitize your hands and the measuring device before and after measuring. Only Thirds should measure.

Match play:

  • Follow CurlON guidelines for play on the ice, as illustrated in the diagram attached and as shown in the video available here, and as follows:
    • Matches will start at alternating ends: Sheets 1 and 4 will start at the glass, Sheets 2 and 3 will start at the far end.
    • All players must maintain a separation of at least 2 meters.
    • Only a single player may sweep their team’s rock during any one play. No switching sweepers during that play. The opposing team is not permitted to sweep any rocks during that play, including their own.
    • A sweeper may choose to sweep an opponent’s rock instead, once it crosses the T-line.
    • The non-sweeper on a team may follow along with the delivered rock, if they maintain the distance requirement.
    • All other inactive players must place themselves along the side or end boards only, maintaining proper distancing.
    • Only one skip or vice is permitted in the house at a time. The opposing team skip or vice must remain out of the house until all stones are at rest. Neither skip is permitted to sweep at any time, and the vice only when following a rock down the ice.

After the match:

  • Replace your mask if you have removed it during play.
  • Complete your scoresheet and leave it in the designated collection point. Mark your Win/Loss on the bulletin board. The marker is to be sanitized by each person using it.
  • Collect all of your personal belongings and take them with you, to the lounge or to the exit.
  • Exit the ice via Sheet 4 door, taking care to avoid others leaving the ice.
  • You have only until 15 minutes before start of the next draw to either settle yourself in the lounge, or leave the club. You are not permitted to mingle with persons from the next draw.
  • Once you are seated in the lounge, you may remove your mask. If you leave your table, you must wear your mask.
  • Place used glasses in trays provided in the lounge for that purpose, and garbage/recycling into containers provided.


Non-member access:

  • Non-members are not permitted in the club, with limited exceptions including:
    • Club staff and ice team
    • Pro shop staff
    • Visitors to the pro shop, with appointment
    • Specific service contractors, with appointment
    • Youth coaches and parent volunteers (only during youth draws)
    • One parent only for each U12 member (only during youth draws)
  • All non-members will be required to follow all COVID precautions, including registration via the tablet for contract tracing upon entering the club, and the limit of 50 persons must not be exceeded.
  • Casual spectators will not be permitted.
  • Non-members will not be permitted to spare in any league.
  • Ice rentals and events involving non-members will not be permitted.

Pro Shop:

  • Staff will be available at the pro shop during specific times each day, and must follow all of the COVID protection guidelines.
  • Visitors to the Pro Shop must also follow all of the specific COVID protection guidelines, and must not go anywhere else in the club if they are not a member.

Ice area:

  • No loaner equipment will be available at all to regular members, including sticks, brooms, sliders, grippers etc. The only exception will be for Learn-to-Curl and other potential training sessions, where program convenors will be required to sanitize equipment prior to and after use.
  • Only members of the Ice Team and specific contractors will be permitted in the compressor room.


  • A maximum of 3 persons will be permitted in each washroom at any time.
  • Specific cleaning and sanitizing measures will be implemented for washroom care. (Details to follow).

Kitchen, Lounge and Bar:

  • The kitchen will be closed to all members, including use of all equipment and dishes. The daytime league’s coffee machine will not be accessible.
  • The upper lounge will be arranged with 8 separate tables for 4 persons each, with suitable distancing, for apres-curling. Extra chairs for lounging will be removed.
  • The lower lounge will remain empty of furniture, to provide room for those about to enter the ice area, with suitable distancing.
  • A Plexiglas barrier will be installed over the bar to provide physical separation for the bartender.
  • Spacing for the bar lineup area will be clearly designated on the floor.
  • Bar staff will manage bar lineups, to minimize the number of people standing.
  • The practice of purchasing your opposition a beverage will be eliminated, so that nobody handles any drinks but their own.
  • All snacks and beverages must be personal-sized and obtained through the bar staff, or brought from home for personal use (except liquor). No communal fare will be permitted.
  • Bar payments should be paid by card tap; cash should be avoided.
  • Bar orders will be cut off as of 9:00pm. The lounge will be closed by 10:00pm, although curling may continue afterward.
    • Pre-order forms will be available for teams whose match ends at 9:00pm or later, should they wish to stay for a post-match beverage.
  • The main entrance door will be locked after the start of the last draw. Entrants after that time must use the doorbell to request entry.


  • Enforce adherence to the stated guidelines, for the safety of everyone. Offences will be addressed accordingly. Repeat offenders may be removed from the club.
  • Provide enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures throughout the club. (Details to follow).
  • Provide equipment and supplies for personal protection, cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Install signage and markings for direction of members.
  • Provide QR codes to each member, and tablet and tracking app for member registration.
  • Provide a lobby monitor to direct members upon entry, and to clarify details until everyone becomes familiarized, for at least the first week of curling.
  • Schedule game times to minimize potential crossovers between groups, with a minimum of 30 minutes between draws. Schedules will be issued separately.
  • Follow-up any report of a positive COVID test or Alert from anyone who has entered the club, and implement the applicable restrictions to usage of the club, as well as all communications required to members and Public Health.
  • Regularly review all our COVID policies to ensure we are providing all of the latest safety measures concurrent with the governing organizations.

With everyone in the club following this Protection Plan, we believe we can safely have our season of curling.

HCC Board of Directors