Bill Vance

Inducted February 2021 Nominated by Murray Pearson

Bill joined HCC in 1982, dared by a friend who challenged him to try this ‘old man’s sport’ to see if he could keep up. Bill tried it, liked it, and never looked back, not only enjoying success as a curler over the next 38 years but also by providing leadership as a member of the Board of Directors, on the Ice Team, the Junior Curling program and through support to committee chairpersons/members for bonspiels such as the Carp Classic, fund raising events during the Carp Fair and many others.

 Bill served 5 years on the Board from 1993 to 1997, three as Building Director and one as President (1995/96) and one as Past President. He continued as an ex-officio Board member to manage the club‘s rental program as well as taking on a major role in the junior curling program. He provided nearly 10 years of service as a Board member, active and ex-officio, where his mechanical knowledge and expertise were an asset as he dealt with building maintenance issues. As a keen competitive curler, he served several years as the Club’s representative on OVCA and Ontario Curling Association matters, keeping the club abreast of events and competitive curling opportunities.

Bill helped successfully manage several challenging issues during his term on the Board. With the installation of a new ice plant in 1994 and retirement of the previous ice tech, the Board had to establish and train a new ice team that would respond to the challenges of ongoing ice management. This involved investigating, introducing and learning how best to use new ice maintenance technology. Bill’s knowledge of all things mechanical enabled him to lead the revamping of the Ice Team and ice maintenance program, seeking professional ice tech input and recruiting and training new members to the team.

The Board’s decision to implement a ‘no smoking’ policy a year before the City’s bylaw was enacted, while popular with some, resulted in enforcement issues that tested the Board’s resolve. Bill found himself in the middle, having to press a few non-conforming friends to comply. While difficult, he managed to build consensus with the majority of those opposed, not an easy task but one he readily undertook regardless of how awkward it was for him personally.

In 1992, when his daughter joined Jill Rivington’s Junior Curling Program, Bill volunteered as a helper, becoming heavily involved with the program over time. He spent many Sunday mornings working with the youth, helping Jill and her team instruct and coach little rock, bantam, junior, and intermediate teams. He promoted the program with local schools, encouraging the use of the ice by youth during the daytime; a program still working well today. After several years working Sunday mornings, in 2005, Bill earned his competitive coaching certificate, using it to coach boys and girls’ teams at local and provincial competitive levels. Just look at the walls in the lounge to see how successful HCCs youth training/coaching program has been! Speaking of success, Bill’s curling career has been amazing too, he has competed at the Provincial level 3 times in various events, he’s always been an A-side skip, winning many men’s, Tubman, and mixed titles. He was on the only team to win the Carp Classic! 

Bill has always been there for the club, volunteering his time freely and often, supporting activities like the Carp Classic, the Carp Fair breakfast and bar fund-raising and too many other examples to mention. His long service on the Board, his nearly 30 years coaching (and he is still coaching!) and developing the youth program has paid dividends not only to our club, but others in the region, where his ‘graduates’ are now members.