Sanitizing Volunteers

Here is the official Sanitization Plan for the club.

What is new is that every league will be required to complete the sanitization process, at every match. This is mandated by the City, and if we don’t do it, we will be required to contract with full-time cleaning services, at an estimated cost of $100,000 for the season, which we cannot afford.

We have an electrostatic handheld sprayer (EHS) for use in sanitizing, and it is easy to use. Volunteers from every league must be trained to use it, preferably at least 2 persons per league. Some. Volunteers can easily get your 6 hours completed over the season, just doing this (each process takes 6-8 minutes before play, and 6-8 minutes after play).

Sanitizing the lounge, entrance and washroom will be completed using the EHS. Sanitizing in the on-ice area will be using only wipes. Bar and kitchen areas will be off-limits except for staff, and they will do their own area.

Training sessions will be set up, as needed. Training takes only 30 minutes.