Another Update on COVID Protocols

The HCC Board has voted to adjust most of the COVID-19 protocols established in September, so that we are more focused
on details that actually prevent transmission. Thus, the following revisions are now applicable:

  • Locker rooms are now open for regular use. No need to show up wearing your curling clothes.
  • There are no restrictions on the time to arrive before your match, or for leaving after.
  • The lounges will no longer be divided, so that there will be more room to assemble prior to your match.
  • Sanitizing the areas off the ice will be reduced to once per day, which conforms to the current Public Health
    guidelines. This is to occur just before Twilight draws Mon-Fri, and before Morning draws Sat-Sun. If other leagues
    wish to add more sanitizing, that is acceptable.

The protocols that will remain in force include:

  • All those entering the club must be double vaccinated against COVID-19, must have signed the various waivers, and must
    have registered for contact tracing at each visit.
  • All entrants to the club must wear COVID-19 protection masks, except while sitting or while on the ice.
  • Traffic flow through the basement, and entry/exit doors for the ice area must be maintained.
  • Sanitizing of rock handles and scoreboards at each match will be required.
  • Communal use of anything (kitchen, food, dishes, water, equipment) is not permitted. No handshakes are permitted.
  • Respect the 2 meter separation as much as possible.
  • Non-members and casual spectators are not permitted in the club, unless they receive specific approval for certain
    events, and are screened for compliance to the club’s COVID-19 protocols.