Last Rock Wrap-up

On November 26th we ran the Cathy Shane “Last Rock” bonspiel. It was an overwhelming success. With a full complement of 16 teams and nearly 100 friends and members in attendance for dinner. Teams made up of members that had never played together, let alone met, before spending the day in each others company, enjoying a day of curling. The spirit of community was felt warmly through the club, which is exactly what we hoped would come from this event. The day was full of laughter and smiles with enjoyment had by all.  We again enjoyed fantastic music from Zach Martin who’s quickly becoming a club favourite to all who have now heard him. We had an amazing lunch and unbelievable beef dinner put on by our volunteers. It was said by most that it was more than expected and twice as delicious. Blake Sinclair was presented with a much deserving volunteer award from Elaine Brimicombe of CurlON. The night was then capped off with yet another unforgettable night of horse racing by the ever charismatic Ross Valliant. He had the whole place excited and cheering those horses and their jockeys right across the finish line. It was a day that was full of all the things that help bring us all closer together as a club and will surely be back again next year for all to enjoy.