January Newsletter

Hello Huntley Curlers! Here is an update from your Board of Directors:

Our Curlers Rock

Our own U18 Team Frlan: Katrina Frlan (skip), Erika Wainright, Isabella McLean and Lauren Norman, with Coach Andy Broder, is currently competing at the U18 Provincials in Oshawa. Go to the CurlON website for up-to-date scoring, and root for them!

On Friday, December 9th, Team Tom McCarthy earned an 8-ender, with Charles Davis, Jodi Laundry and Nicole Phillips helping. Nicole had just finish the Fall LTC session and gets an 8-ender in her very first formal curling match! Where does one go from there? Scotties, anyone?

Team Bruce (Marc and Alison Budnick, Carolyn and Michael (skip) Bruce) cornered the competition and won the Carleton Place LTC Spiel on January 7th. Team Chapman (Janet Chapman, Pam Twining, Jim Gamo and Kari Keays) were runners-up. Kudos to Charlene Johnston for her excellent LTC training.

Our older experienced members aren’t too shabby either – On December 10, 2022, Heather Kosierb & Jim Collings playing in Mixed Doubles and on January 12, 2023 Penny Rodgers & Rick Perry playing in Open Doubles, both scored perfect 6-enders.

New Club Jackets

The new club jackets have arrived – please speak to a bartender to pick them up.

World Men’s Tickets

OVCA clubs have preferred rate of 15% off of the purchase of tickets to the World Men’s Championship being held in Ottawa starting April 1st. Tickets are available now. Once you access your single draw tickets enter the code OVCA.

OVCA is also promoting a Future Stars program for curlers of 9 to 16 years, to be part of the World Men’s event. Deadline to register is 20 January.

Thanks to those 20 or so HCC members who have already purchased event passes through the “Rock our House” program, Huntley will receive 6 double passes to the closing matches. We plan to raffle these event passes to members or award them as prizes during some of the upcoming Club Events, so get involved!

Road to the Roof

Our new roof is becoming a reality! We have published an update to the Road to the Roof on our website. Essentially, we are preparing to go to tender in March for a complete roof recovering, with work to proceed by late spring this year. Fundraising for this Capital program has raised about 80% of the funds we need to get the job done without incurring any debt. Our final fundraising effort will be selling the naming of new rock handles to members and local businesses.

Upcoming Club Events

Get involved! We have fun events coming up soon, and we need your participation! Registration deadlines are approaching:

  • U5 Kickass Spiel: Saturday, February 4, 2023 – For curlers with less than 5 years experience, and other local clubs are invited. Huntley needs 8 teams to enter. Register by January 29th.
  • Ladies Curling Association Spiel: Saturday-Sunday February 18-19, 2023 – Other regional clubs are invited. Huntley needs 4 of our Ladies teams to enter! Register by January 27th via our website soon.
  • Mad Hatter Spiel: Saturday, March 4, 2023 – Our famous fun spiel with wonky rules, followed by dinner and the even more famous Horse Races by Ross Valliant. Register by February 26th via our website soon.
  • Presidents Spiel: Friday-Sunday, March 10-12, 2023 – Blake’s signature event. Three other Valley clubs participating. Our talent is on the line since we won last season. Register by February 19th via the website soon as we are anticipating Playdowns to limit entries to 10 teams in various categories.
  • Youth Spiel: Sunday March 19, 2023 – Jill Rivington’s annual invitational spiel for U13 curlers. Registration will be on the website soon.
  • Club Championships: April 10-14, 2023: We have not been able to do this since 2019! All leagues will be invited to bring their League Champs forward to compete for the various Club trophies.

Volunteers Needed

All of the above events require Volunteers to make them happen – you can contribute and get your 6 required hours just in one event.

Assistance with food preparation will be the biggest necessity at every event – purchasing, prep at home, prep at the club, serving, cleanup, etc. Organizers will guide you through what is necessary. If you can provide help, please message match@huntleycurling.ca.

As well, Charlene still needs a few people to assist with instruction for Learn-to-Curl activities, as of January 22nd. If you can help: reddoggiegirl@gmail.com.

All members please avoid COVID, stay healthy, and complete the season safely.