Our Curlers Rock

CurlON U21 Competition – Team Frlan is off to Provincials again!

  • Team Frlan is competing this weekend at RA Center in Ottawa for the U21 Provincials. Having just come back from their 4-4 record at U18 Nationals in Timmins, this gives the team another chance at curling glory. Considering that they are only 15 and 16 years old, they have a great future ahead in youth curling competitions, with Coach Andy Broder.

CurlON Senior Mixed Competition – Two teams from Huntley are off to Provincials!

Team Leger
Team Tremblay
  • Team Marc Tremblay (with Andrea Leganchuk, Murray Pearson, Heather Kosierb) won the A-final at Hunt Club this past weekend, earning them to right to represent HCC at the Senior Mixed Provincials in Woodstock in April.
  • Team Mark Leger (with Lesley Ryan, Bill Sobering, Joanne Pomalis) won the B-side, so they will also go to the Woodstock competition.
  • We do not believe HCC has sent two teams to any Provincial competition at the same time in the past, so it’s great to see we have serious competitors in our club! The club will be providing financial support to these teams as per our current club policy.

CurlON Senior Women’s Competition – Member Lesley Ryan off to Provincials!

  • Lesley also curls with Skip Maureen Broder at Granite CC, and has won the right to go to this competition in Ingersoll, March 15-19. Kudos to Lesley for being our most successful adult female curler in the club this season.

Ottawa Valley Senior Men’s Competition – Team Tom Watters and Team Lorne Rice are tops!

  • With 40 teams competing across many clubs in the region, team Tom Watters (with Murray Pearson, Dave Blaker, Rick Perry) won the Trophy division, and Team Lorne Rice (with Jim Collings, Kevin Johnson, Derick MacKenzie, Don Demaine) won the second division.
  • Notice how Murray’s name keeps showing up, just like Lesley’s…….

Other winners this season to be recognized again:

  • LCA winners: The Gauthier U5 competition trophy was won by Team Audrey Moey (with Laurie Thomas-Keay, Kelly Griese, Sherrie Mundy) in January at Arnprior CC. We have the trophy at our club.
  • LCA event: The McCallum Filly U7 competition held at HCC in February was narrowly lost by Team Nicole McStravick (with Monica Tymofievich, Roxanne Dompierre, Stephanie Kreller).
  • Youth member Lilly Twining is off to the Men’s Worlds competition as a “Future Star” and will get to meet the teams and be part of the whole spectacle. As well, Lilly (with her team of Zoe Chapman, Adrian van Boxtel, Dori Twining) is heading to the Provincial Elementary School Curling Championships at end of March.
  • LTC winners: Team Michael Bruce (with Marc and Alison Budnick, Carolyn Bruce) won the Carleton Place Learn-to-Curl Spiel in January.
  • U15 winners: Our youth teams of Aidan Do (with Nate Fransham, Coady Briggs, London Goodings), as well as Lilly Twining (with Adrian van Boxtel, Mauricio Perez – from Navy, Zac Aitken) won 1st and 2nd place at the U15 Navy Spiel in January.