Huntley wins the Presidents Challenge Cup

The Presidents Challenge Cup bonspiel wrapped up March 12th at Huntley, and it appears to have been a great success! Ten teams each from Huntley, Almonte, Arnprior and Richmond clubs battled in 7 divisions in a points spiel for club glory. All the participants were very enthusiastic during the event, and were full of praise for the excellent food, ice, event format and organization. The buzz in the club was huge all weekend – and the bar was getting very low on supplies by late Sunday. We did not run out of food.

Kudos to Cory and Chef Amanda for organizing all the food, and to the many volunteers who helped purchase, prepare and serve it. Jim served as drawmaster and statistician and kept the scoreboard up to date. The Ice Team spent the entire weekend on site to keep up with all 15 draws. Jim Leask served as event photographer and there are hundreds of photos that will be available.  Stefanie and the other bar staff were kept extremely busy keeping everyone happy.

Huntley has set a high standard for the next club to take this on. We included free draws for 8 pairs of tickets to the Men’s Worlds in April, as well as door prizes from Cheshire Cat. Winning teams in each division received a $200 gift card from Cheshire Cat, and took away a trophy for their club. The overall winning club received the main trophy and a new huge TV donated jointly by Vance’s Service Center and Kanata Electric. The club will make several $1000’s profit from this weekend. We will be rotating hosting the event through the 4 clubs, starting with Almonte next season.

Division winners are as follows:

  • Senior Mixed (4 teams) – Huntley: Skip Garry Lackner, Linda Lackner, Steve Lalonde, Franca Lalonde
  • Senior Women (4 teams) – Richmond: Skip Heather Brophy
  • Senior Men (4 teams) – Arnprior: Skip Bruce Knox
  • Open Mixed (4 teams) – Huntley: Skip Jim Collings, Bridget Devitt, Shawn Lynch, Heather Kosierb
  • U6 Colts (8 teams) – Huntley: Skip Cory Mundy, Audrey Moey, Troy Griese, Kelly Griese, alternate skip Jonathan Tremblay
  • Open Women (8 teams) – Arnprior: Skip Shelley Hardy
  • Open Men (8 teams) – Huntley: Skip Mark Leger, Paul Norman, Jordan Rudow, Pat Rhude

Overall accumulated points per club:

  • Almonte = 272.5
  • Arnprior = 275.5
  • Richmond = 305
  • Huntley = 324

So Huntley wins again and retains the trophy! Now we have to figure out what to do with the new TV.

Check out the photo gallery available at the following link.

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