Club Champions Crowned

And that’s a wrap folks!

Thank you everyone for giving the Huntley Curling Club another successful season.

We finished our Club Championships April 14th, crowning Team Scott as the winners:

Club Champions Team Scott: Alan Scott, Graham Allan, Ross Cotten, Don Campbell

Team Leger took home the B division crown: Mark Leger, Paul Norman, Patrick Rhude, Jordan Rudow

Team Mundy were our C division champs: Cory Mundy, Audrey Moey, Troy Griese, Kelly Griese

The social champions: Tom Watters, Murray Pearson, Paul Carrier, Chris Hamilton

Our doubles champions: Dawn Rodney, Wayne Sampson

We also congratulated our U18 Champions

Team Frlan: Katrina Frlan, Erika Wainwright, Isabella McLean, Lauren Norman, Coach Andy Broder, CurlON presenter Gord Stockdale

And our Senior Mixed Provincial Qualifiers

Team Leger: Mark Leger, Lesley Ryan, Bill Sobering, Joanne Pomalis
Team Tremblay: Marc Tremblay, Andrea Leganchuk, Murray Pearson, Heather Kosierb