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Peter Smith
Event Coordinator

The Board of Directors felt Peter’s experience in event planning, business background, enthusiastic attributes and credentials were exactly what HCC needed in a manager at this time. In order to focus on the day to day club issues, Peter has resigned from the Board of Directors. He will however be at all board meetings to understand where the direction of the club is headed and assist us in reaching our goals but will not have a voting right on club decisions.

Event Coordinator Duties:

  1. Prior to the beginning of the curling season, ensure that the Club is ready to operate per checklist (ensure appliances, fire extinguishers, defibrillators, etc. are in working order).
  2. Oversee HCC’s volunteer program and activities, including recruitment of event managers and members to run events.  In the event that a volunteer(s) cannot be found to manage the event, the Manager will perform this role.
  3. Generate revenue through identification and management of third-party rentals, events and use of club facilities.
  4. Ensure that the 60/40 program is ready for operation in time for the first week of curling.  Conduct weekly 60/40 draws and communicate winner’s details to Treasurer, for payment.
  5. Handle external / non-member inquiries, including rental requests and contracts.
  6. Attend Board of Director meetings and provide monthly updates.
  7. Perform day to day bookkeeping duties, including making weekly bank deposits

The following board volunteers govern your club so they have important legal, financial and organizational roles and responsibilities to focus on.

Blake Sinclair
Dan Zanetti
Vice President/Bar
Gord Turcotte
Ruth Dagenais
Shawn Lynch
Building Director
Jim Collings
Match Director
Currently Vacant
Membership Director
Currently Vacant
Communications Director - Internal
Currently Vacant
Rentals Director
Laurie Cotten
Youth Program Coordinator


Little Rocks


Youth Leagues

Youth Learn to Curl

Dawn Rodney
Learn to Curl Coordinator

Learn to Curl


Lidia Cormier Cormier
CurlOn Women and Ladies Curling Association Rep
Kerry Johnson
CurlON Men Rep
Jill Rivington
CurlON Junior Rep