Curling Leagues

The Huntley Curling Club is proud to offer a wide variety of leagues for all types of curlers.

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MorningOpen; Fixed TeamsOpen; Drawn TeamsOpen; Drawn TeamsStick CurlingMixed DoublesYouth U15/U18/U21 Instruction
AfternoonOpen; Drawn TeamsOpen; Fixed TeamsOpen; Fixed DoublesYouth U21 PracticeAdult Learn to CurlYouth U12 Instruction
TwilightOpen; Fixed TeamsWomens; Fixed TeamsOpen; Fixed Teams
EveningsOpen and Womens; Fixed TeamsMens; Fixed TeamsMixed; Fixed TeamsOpen; Fixed TeamsOpen; Fixed DrawsOpen U5: Fixed DrawsOpen; Fixed Draws

Curling Etiquette: how to be a good Curler

We are all out for the fun, competition, exercise, and camaraderie.  How we approach our time here at the club can affect how much we enjoy our time, and can have a major impact on how much others enjoy themselves. Please take 30 seconds and have a quick read through this excellent article that discusses our sport’s nearly unique philosophy about competition: What it means to be a good Curler  

Here is an excellent review of both the etiquette of curling, as well as a clear and short explanation of the basic rules in words that any curler can understand.  These include how to deal with a burnt or moved rock, where to stand, who can sweep where, etc.  We could all profit from a quick re-read of this article: Basic Curling etiquette and rules

And here are the official Rules of Curling .

Curling Lingo

  • Open – 4 members of any gender in any order
  • Mixed – 4 members, 2 female and 2 male, genders must alternate throwing
  • Mixed doubles – 2 players, 1 female and 1 male
  • Mens – 4 male players
  • Womens – 4 female players
  • Fixed teams – the same members play together for the entire curling season, if you’re going to miss a game you’re going to have to find a spare
  • Fixed Draws – the same members play together for a single draw, then are remixed for the next draw according to the format of each particular league
  • Drawn teams – teams are put together before each game based on who showed up to curl