Ice Team

Ice Team Ensures Top Quality Ice at Huntley Curling Club

Behind the scenes at HCC our Ice Team works tirelessly to ensure that the ice is ready for every draw, maintained throughout the year and that we all benefit from top quality curling conditions.

The ice team at Huntley Curling Club

With draw times in the 390 to 410 range from back line to hack everyone appreciates our fast ice conditions leading to more enjoyable curling for all. This is the result of the work of a hard working group consisting of our regular ice team and a large number of dedicated volunteers. 

The team is led by veteran Ice Maker Dwayne Lowe who has been at Huntley since 2009.  Dwayne who has more than 35 year of experience is well known in Eastern Ontario Curling circles and is part of the ice team for the upcoming Men’s World Championship  and has provided his services at many major events including the 2016 and 2020 Briers.

Under Dwayne’s direction the ice team and volunteers perform the following activities to permit the best possible curling conditions at HCC:

  • Ice Installation in September
  • Maintenance and Operations of the Ice Plant
  • Daily ice scrape
  • Cleaning, pebbling and nipping of the ice prior to each draw.
  • Periodic controlled melt and flood of the ice surface.

To manage seven months of curling, up to 24 draws per week, rentals and bonspiels requires quite a dedicated team.  We have the benefit of six regular ice team members shown below who work closely with Dwayne and have a lot of experience including formal ice team technician training.

  • Murray Pearson
  • Ron Sabourin
  • Paul Norman
  • Jelle Blom
  • Richard Morin
  • Kevin Goheen

In addition to the regular ice team, we have 25 volunteers who help to make Huntley such a great club to curl at.   Thanks to Dwayne and all the team members and volunteers!