It is with sadness that we acknowledge the passing of four of our curlers:

Ray Hoffman, one of the founding members of the Huntley Daytime Come and Curl league passed away on August the 8th. Ray along with his wife Barb were stalwarts of the daytime Curling program at our Club. Together they helped 'grow' the program and were active in many of the Club's bonspiels. Ray was an excellent Skip and reader of the ice. He will be remembered as one of the formidable Monday afternoon Competitive League skips. The Club extends its sympathy to Barb and her family on their loss.

Walter Jastremski left us at the age of 82, on March 6, 2018.  Few curlers were as keen as Walter who was known to curl in the morning, go home for a quick lunch and return for an afternoon draw.  While he could finesse a rock into position, he was best known for throwing 'rockets' with great accuracy.  Walter was also HCC's unofficial handyman - most recently, he decided to undertake the strengthening of the tables in the lounge which had been poorly manufactured.  One of Walter's other talents was seen at Club gatherings when he brought out his accordion and added a musical note to the festivities.

Dave McCartney left us just three days after the end of last season, on April 16, 2018.  He was 74.  Dave was a member for only three seasons, having joined us from overseas following his retirement, but he made his mark rather quickly.   A strong curler and a fine person, Dave was always willing to play any position, quick to compliment a player on any team for a good shot, and just plain pleasant to be around.

Don Murray passed away on august 19, 2018, just five days short of his 82nd birthday.  He was always a kind, positive and gentle man both on and off the ice.  As skip, no matter what shots were made, Don always found something encouraging to say, whether to new or seasoned members.  A stick curler, Don was noted for his unique, sliding delivery.

All four of these fine gentlemen will be missed as players and friends.