Yes, our region is peparing to bid to host the 2021 Men's World Curling championship!  While all the official details are in the linked document, I will summarize here as best I can.




You have an exciting opportunity to support this bid, and to get choice selections on seats to see the event first hand.  By placing a $100 refundable deposit to hold tickets you help the regional sponsor committee show the level of interest (the more advance sales a host bid has made, the better the bid's chances), you get advanced seat selection.  In the event that the bid is not successful the money is refunded.

As you will read, if you do chose to make a deposit, then if you use the Huntley Curling Club code:  "HUN" then the club gets some benefits too....if enough of us sign up.

For you die-hard fans, this could be a once in a lifetime opporutnity!


For the official details, click this link:  Men's World Championship Details