Congratulations Learn to Curl Graduates!!
 L2C grads 2018
The success of our LTC program has helped to bolster HCC’s overall membership by introducing so many people in the local area to the fun, social sport of curling at HCC.
    The Huntley Curling Club had 43 people graduate the 10 week program this year and almost all of them have now joined as full time members within our club. 
    These new members  have decided to stay on to finish the year as part of the Saturday night U-5 (under five) years experience league. These graduates are definitely a enthusiastic gang who have caught the bug by quickly learning how fun and exciting the sport really  is.

  HCC was introduced three (3) years by Charlene Johnston and has quickly become a valuable component of our organization  helping to increase our overall membership involvement.  
       Kudo’s also goes out to head co-ordinator  Dawn Rodney and her valuable experienced group of instructors who stepped forward and volunteer countless hours of their time to pass their skills onto newbie’s. 

   Also a special thank-you goes out to Glenn Lawrence who has taken this group on as his own.
  Glenn has done a masterful job of convening the Saturday night league and we are anticipating that by this time next year well have two (2) draws.
Blake Sinclair 
HCC - President