Dateline 10 Mar 2019: reporter Peter Kaiser

I hope all the Mad Hatters had lots of fun.

I sure did even as I was running around.

I would like to put out a special thanks to all volunteers:

  • · Ross Valliant and Rick Young for the very entertaining Horse races
  • · Vicki Kohse for helping prepare for the event and helping during the day (including the triva)
  • · The Dinner Kitchen staff and cooks
  • · Rick Perry for purchasing and delivering the groceries and supplies
  • · The Friday Soup Crew: Wendy Ingram, Candace Sokalski and Glenda Rebelo
  • · The lunch help: James Nugent, Kevin Jones and Sandy Boal
  •    Dinner  and kitchen setup Steve and Franca Lalonde
  • · And all the people that helped clean up after the event.

The Results of the day:

In 2nd place, with the cheering cow bells was team Hayley: Nancy / Dave Hayley, Carol / Cary Honeywell

In first place with the tea and tea cups was team Smith: Ann Seely, Carl Smith, Tom and Ruth Winter

Final place with the crying towels was team Benton: Jean / Simon Benton, Lucy / Brian Voss

Team Benton also had the bacon award for hogs. 2 team were a close second including the winning Smith team.

The Flamingo award for best dressed team went to the lumber jacks: Trina Hanniman, Terry Dowsett, Gina Grosenick,


For proof of madness, see: 190310 Mad Hatter 2019