Dateline 23 April, reporter: Dwight

Okay, don't be misled by the title.....but Frank will be back with us on the ice next season.  Here is his update:


Hello curlers!
Thank you for your continued interest in my ankle’s healing. It seems this curler has acquired some new equipment to replace (temporarily) my gripper, slider and broom. I have attached a picture of this new equipment.
I feel like I am under house arrest (at least this ankle bracelet doesn’t have tracking). On Thursday, the ankle bracelet will be removed, healing progress evaluated and a new more rigid cast applied. I expect it will be another 6 weeks before I will be able to walk on it.
One good thing for the planet, with me hobbling on one foot, my carbon footprint has been halved.
I have registered for 2019-20 curling at Huntley and look forward to seeing everyone back on the ice with rocks in play.
As soon as I am able, I’ll be out on the greens for lawn bowls.