A NEWSLETTER FOR CURLING IN AUGUST?? You bet!  Your board is working long hours, as are a few volunteers, to get our year launched in fine style.  There are some things you should consider right away, including registering online if you are not yet registered…see more below.

Calendar: Yep, the lunatics on your Board of Directors thought it would be a great idea to actually nail down the major events and dates for the entire year, so that we can all mark our calendars, and get signed up early.  Accordingly, we have got it pretty well solidified, and have posted the initial version on our club website at: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/news/club-activity-calendar

This is also a great tool to start the volunteer juices flowing: if you see an event that is down stream a ways, but interests you to help out with, then you can start the process to be a part of that event.  More on vols later.

Registration: Wow, things are really rolling.  We have over 350 folks that have already registered, and our leagues are filling up.  It is going to be a hopping year!  Note that the following leagues are full, and you can no longer sign up for them: Monday AM Fixed, Tues Twilight Ladies, Tues Evening Men’s, and Thur Twilight open. 

To open up more space for folks, the Board of Directors just approved a new offering: Monday Twilight open.  We already have quite a few teams registered for that league, but room remains. 

We do have capacity for more folks on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings…have a look at the leagues we offer at: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/leagues/evening and https://www.huntleycurling.ca/leagues/weekend-leagues

Bottom line: don’t delay, register today!  Go to: https://registration.huntleycurling.ca/

Volunteers: We have a very happening calendar for the year, including quite a few bonspiels and great social events for all members of the club. These events are put on through the efforts of the many folks that volunteer at the club. There will be a vast number of chances to help our club put on events for our members. Each newsletter will generally have a list of upcoming events that will be looking for your support.

As a full time member, you are required to offer 6 hours of volunteer hours to the club (3 hours for half season members). For every event, an email will go out to the members who have not opted out of volunteering, and have not yet completed their volunteer hours, with a description of the event, the number of volunteers required and the type of duty needed (such as kitchen help, promotions, timekeeping and an array of other duties.) Once you have fulfilled your volunteer duty, you are asked to fill in your time in the volunteer binder left at the bar. Once a month, your hours are tabulated and once you have completed your 6 hours, you will be removed from future emails asking for help. This allows all members to have an opportunity to fulfill their volunteer hours. See more info at: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/members/volunteer-information/volunteer-article

Feel free to contact the volunteer committee if you have any questions. Joan Crossman, Micheline Harvey and Katharine Robertson-Palmer and we can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Club News: Stand back, I don’t know how big this will get!  We have set up a Twitter feed, a Facebook site, our own HCC TV in the clubhouse, these newsletters, AND will be regularly posting hot items to the web site: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/news/news-flash You should hit this link now, as we have at least one hot item that has been posted.

Website: a ton of time has been invested to update and fix our website.  The intent is to have this be your go to site for info on the club and all that is taking place.  A big focus is on and will be on the Members area.  This will have information such as schedules for leagues, draws, spares list, members directory, info for volunteers and organizers, provincial competition funding, etc. as well as a link to the events signup site.  Given the nature of the info for members (privacy), we cannot make this area public, but must insist you log in to the site.  You should have received an email with your userid and password, but if not you can apply at the site, or give Dwight your info and ask him to set you up, he is at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; If you do have this information, you are encouraged to login and have a look. The login page is at: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/members/member-area

By the way, you can now see who your board is!  We have images posted and contact info so you can contact us individually by email!  See: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/the-club/board-of-directors

Clubhouse: yes, our dedicated volunteer team of renovators are putting the “love it or list it” team to shame: our bathrooms are well on the way to becoming the “go to place” for happening things at our club.  We are only slightly concerned that folks will begin to congregate in the bathrooms rather than playing the game!!  Thanks to the volunteers that are making this all happen. 

In addition, we are well underway to a couple of improvements that will help us to maintain our already wonderful ice at its rare high standard!

Marketing: We are really putting on a drive to get more new folks into the club: we are really targeting our Learn to Curl program, and our Youth programme, which has had a real infusion of excitement this year (bonspiels, dedicated practice sessions, etc.).  If you are an experienced curler and want to help out, then this could be your chance to volunteer and pay it forward for the club.  Our marketing director is David Byrd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and our Youth program leader is Laurie Cotton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All in all….things are happening, despite it being +34!!