A word from our President:

With so much happening at HCC it only made sense to revive the monthly newsletter from the president.

We’ll it’s early Wednesday morning, the day after the club opened and I know there will be some sore bodies this morning.   Many members will have found muscles they’ve forgotten they had.
I’m no different, but for a different reason. I had my 1st men’s night game last night and we lost 8-1 to Marc Gagne’s Team.  I believe I now know how a losing UFC prize fighter feels after being badly beaten following a big match.

It was so nice to see so many familiar faces of members last night.  The smiles and laughter are things you never get tired of seeing at HCC.  I’m pleased to say I witnessed a great deal of both last night as everyone was catching up with friends after the summer. HCC sure is a special place to be a part.

 The Board of Directors have worked extremely hard these last (5) five months. I’m pleased to say that we’re seeing some of the fruits of our labour beginning to flourish.

As club president I have nothing but good news to report to the membership.  I realize this message is a little longer than I’d intense but I’m encouraging each of you to please take a few minutes and read these highlights.


Membership is up and on the increase daily with some youth and L2C registrants still tricking in daily.  Match director Jim Collings along with help with the rules committee have developed a consistent set of league and play-off rules of which have been posted to our website.  I realize we have extremely knowledgeable and experienced members but I’m encouraging each of you to read through them.

I must have been asked at least (10) ten times last night if HCC is using the new 5 rock rule. Just a note, none of the lady members asked me, so men start reading and be informed –

Evening and daytime leagues are primarily full.

Our L2C enrolment as of this morning had 42 registrants and still growing. Dawn Rodney and her group of trainers are ready to teach these newbie’s the skills needed to move forward in the sport and as full time member at HCC.  It is the Board’s hope that upon graduating the program they develop and revive “The Saturday night social gang” for the remainder of the year. Glenn Lawrence has graciously agreed to step forward and lead this group.

The new Monday night Twilight league under convener Jim Leask has (10) ten teams.  What a nice surprise!!!

In addition the Tuesday ladies Twilight under new convener Debbie Joy has also expanded to (10) ten teams. “You go girls!”
There is no surprise when it comes to the Sunday night gang. Rick and Annette Birmingham have done a fabulous job encouraging this league for members who enjoy the fun and social side of the sport.

Trevor Gloyn was instrumental in developing a new double’s daytime league on Thursday’s. This new format is foreshadowing the long term vision of where the sport maybe headed.  Kudos to Trevor for taking the bull by the horns. This league is full with (9) nine teams right out of the gate.

Following in the footsteps of Gina Grosenick’s successful double’s bonspiel last season, your Board of Directors agreed to see if there would be enough interest in a doubles league on Saturday mornings.
The board set parameters of needing at least a minimum of (9) nine teams for feasibility.  Well, low and behold, we have (12) twelve teams to start the season. Brian Roach has agreed to step forward as a rookie convener to oversee this league.

One of the strengths of HCC is definitely the fabulous group of men and women who year after year step forward to help organize and convene our various leagues.  The board of directors and our members greatly appreciate your efforts.


HCC has always had a reputation for developing good young curlers.  We are fortunate to have Laurie Cotten, Jill Rivington and Graeme Darragh to provide leadership and guidance in this area of our organization.

One of our goals in the next three (3) years is for HCC to become the envy of the province when it comes to youth curling. With these (3) three at the helm along with the group of dedicated trainers, club and competitive level coaches they’ve assembled, there is no doubt in my mind we’ll get there.


On the management side of things your Board has decided to be proactive and take the club in a slightly different direction.  As a group we had a couple of brain storming sessions and asked the simple question. “What is your Board of Directors really designed to do?”  The plain answer was simple – “To provide leadership, create policies and procedures, all while developing a plan for long term governance.”  The long and short of it was that we couldn’t see the forest for the trees, let alone the silver lining of the clouds or the blue sky above.  We were getting bogged down in the day to day operations of running the club.  Ultimately we needed to change our way of thinking and vision for this club to grow and succeed.

Unanimously we’ve taken the initiative to hire a club manager for this season. The primary role of this person is to oversee and take care of the day to day operations of the club and act as a liaison between the Board and club members, in-particular when it comes to volunteer assistance and facilitating the events.
A committee was established to solicit, screen and interview qualified candidates and come back to the Board with their selection.

I’m pleased and excited to announce that a former president of HCC, Peter Smith has been chosen and agreed to take on this role effective immediately.  The committee felt Peter’s experience in event planning, business background, enthusiastic attributes and credentials were exactly what HCC needed in a manager at this time. His contract will end after the AGM in May 2019 after which we will evaluate the ongoing need for a full time manager.
The committee felt Peter’s experience in event planning, business background, enthusiastic attributes and credentials were exactly what HCC needed in a manager at this time.  In order to focus on the day to day club issues, Peter has resigned from the Board of Directors.  He will however be at all board meetings to understand where the direction of the club is headed and assist us in reaching our goals but will not have a voting right on club decisions.

IMPORTANT - To all members, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to help out, far from it.  Together we all need to play a part in running this club and making HCC even more special than it is right now.
Now that the season is successfully underway the Board’s attention will now turn to the future.   Bar director Dan Zanetti has been asked to chair a committee to help map “The road to success!” 
Treasurer Gord Turcotte will be working with Dan by taking a leading role in this area.

Stay in tuned - There will be some exciting news coming down the pipeline.

   1) An updated HCC logo??
   2) Does club chef Simon Benton have plans of bringing a part time caterer to the club?
   3) Who is the new beer brewing company coming to HCC?

Keep an eye open on Twitter and Facebook as well as the HCC website.  Communications director Dwight Davies is on the job.


Our ice manager Dwayne “Houdini” Lowe along with the valuable ice team at HCC have once again pulled a rabbit out of the hat. The ice looks amazing!  Judging by the compliments I’ve received from members at Sunday’s open practice, our members will again be curling on the best is in the region again this year.

Speaking of working magic tricks, Promotions and Publicity director David Bird has done a fabulous job on acquiring a number of new advertising sponsors for our club.  They not only give our ice a unique and colourful flavour but more importantly they bring added revenue to our bottom line.  Please take note of these local businesses when at the club.  These companies and individuals have graciously donated financial support to our community based organization.

Last but not least, I just wanted to say thank-you to the many members who have stepped forward and volunteers their time thus far by lending a hand to get the club open for the season.  I’m encouraging all members to get involved as there is so many ways we could use your help.

Volunteer to organize an event, play in some club bonspiels, help chef Simon Benton in the kitchen, join the decorating team, join the Santa Claus parade team, help with the L2C or Youth/Little Rock’s programs, or help out with the buildings group. The opportunities are endless. Trust me there is no better way to meet other members of our club and feel good about your contributions.
Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful 2018/19 curling season!  Everyone ready to rock on??

Blake Sinclair
HCC - President