Hello folks, here are a bunch of news items.  I have put the bulk of the information on our website, so you will find a brief explanation here, and the link.

1. Board of Director Meetings: IAW our constitution, these meetings are open to all members, and we would be happy to have folks come.  Our meetings are listed in the club activity calendar online at: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/news/club-activity-calendar
Also, the agenda and minutes of Board meetings are available upon request to our Secretary, see https://www.huntleycurling.ca/the-club/board-of-directors 

2. Official Club Documents: the constitution, bylaws, and policies that govern our club are now available for your access via our website.  See: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/members/hcc-documents-and-policies
A complete document review is underway, led by me: Dwight, so if you have a chance to review these documents, please provide me any comments or observations you have, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Huntley Stick Curlers going to the Provincials!  Yep, we are sending the team of Bruce Sample and Gord Halverson to the provincials: more details and a great photo at: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/news/news-flash
Go team Go!!

4. Eight Ender: Yes, we had an eclipse of the moon, and an even rarer event: an Eight Ender.  Congrats to Team Papineau on this historic event.  For more info, the great photo, and our list of other such events see: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/news/eight-ender-awards

5. Past President: Lidia Cormier has now had her photo added to the presidential wall.  Please join me in congratulating and thanking her for her devoted service, acknowledging her contributions, dedication, and leadership.

6. New Years Party: If you were there, you know how great it was; if not, you missed a great time.  Special thanks to Simon and Jean Benton, who really laid on superb food throughout the night, as well as the many volunteers that made this evening such a success; this is at the heart of what makes us a community club of friends, and not just a curling facility.  

7. OCA member cards Our club is a paying member of CURLON, thus obtaining all sorts of support and permitting our folks to compete outside of our club.  They have provided us membership cards and an offer for individuals to register with them.  For more info see: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/news/news-flash/448-curlon-membership-cards-available

Wow, a lot of stuff in a short space, but I hope that this format allows you to pick and choose what to study in depth, and what to pass by.