Hello all.                     {Remember: "BLUF" means "Bottom Line Up Front" and this para
                                       has a very short summary of the contents of the newsletter, so
                                       that you can decide if you need to read any further.....Dwight}

BLUF: We are holding an info session (with me moderating so bring your rotten vegetables
and fruit) to reveal our long term plan for our building, and to focus on the revised and 
detailed 5 year plan.  This is not a "general meeting" and there will be no votes.
Sat Mar 2, from 1300-1400.  Please come out.  Dwight


Most of you noticed the speed bumps on sheet 4 and other sheets in Nov as water dripped
through our roof.  Many have seen the water damage in the stairway, kitchen, and other
areas of our club, or noticed the poor contractors up on the roof in Nov, scaping away
the snow to do some patching.  PANIC NOT: this is not the Titanic.....but we do need 
to take some action.

We are very fortunate to have a lot of highly skilled folks in our membership, and on our 
Board of Directors, and many of these folks have chosen to volunteer their time and expertise
to benefit the club. (dang, HCC does not have any jets that need flying, just my bad luck)
In this case, we have Shawn Lynch, who is a professional that manages hundreds of buildings
for the City, and is very familiar with multi-year plans for the maintenance of buildings.

Shawn, with lots of help from Dan Zanetti, has created a 20 year plan to ensure the long-term
responsible management of our building.  Together, they have refined the 5 year plan, and 
we are now ready to reveal all (okay, no clothing will be removed during the presentation).

I would really appreciate you considering attending; we are not only trying to pass on the 
information, but would appreciate opinions and input from all of you.  Some of you are also
experts in these and related domains, and your club needs your input.

Hope to see you there