Hello again, well the news seems to be flooding in as we near the exciting crescendo of year end.

Club Championship and The Last Rock Bonspiel: lots of info published: see:  
Club Championship at:  https://www.huntleycurling.ca/members/league-standings
Last Rock at: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/members/the-last-rock-bonspeil

Registration for next year
: I encourage you to start thinking of your plans and teams for next year.  We are on track to open registration on 1 Apr.  Membership Preference Date is 31 May (returning members that register and pay by then get preference IAW our policy).  While preference applies, there are many cases where the earlier you have registered and paid, the more likely you are to get your choice.  Please read the policy that is avail on our website at: Membership and Team Registration Policy: https://www.huntleycurling.ca/images/Website/2018-19/HCC-Documents/Membership-and-Team-Registration-Policy-10-Mar-2019.pdf 

Note that your Board has also published a letter to explain the increases in the fees, it is at:  https://www.huntleycurling.ca/images/2016/0--website-2019-2020/registration-related/190326-David-Fees-Letter-to-members.pdf

Volunteer Opportunity: I believe that we are still looking for some folks to help out on our big day on 6 Apr, our final day for the Club Championship and the Kickoff event for the Last Rock bonspiel.  Please contact our volunteer committee if you can help out.  https://www.huntleycurling.ca/the-club/board-of-directors-2

Oopsy: WRONG SHOES WENT HOME:  Ladies: one of you wore the wrong set of boots home on Monday evening.  Liz Hahn really wants hers back...hers are a bit smaller, so you may have noticed a bit of pinching...Liz is at the Rink Wed night, or you can contact her yourself and arrange the prisoner exchange.  Here is a picture of the boots that were left (and they are very similar to those that were taken hostage):

Well done....you got to the bottom!  That's all for now, Dwight