Locksley & Dixie Trenholm

Inducted on April 12,2014                       Nominated by:  Murray Pearson During the 70’s, the rural community of Carp was growing, adding new housing developments and residents. Locksley and Dixie Trenholm saw the need to integrate new residents with members of the established families through sports, particularly youth, … Read more

Jill Rivington

Inducted on April 12th, 2014                           Nominated by:  Murray Pearson In 1998, the HCC needed someone to take the lead in developing a curling development program for youth. Jill had started curling in 1988 and had taken the NCCP Level 1 Coaching Course to … Read more

Hahn Scores a Rare Eight Ender

Count’em up everyone!  It’s the golfer’s equivalent to a hole in one, the elusive and difficult task of scoring eight. An eight-ender was scored at the Carleton Heights Cash on the Wall Bonspiel February 15, 2014 by Bantam Boys Team Hahn from the Huntley Curling Club. From left to right: Jeremy Taylor (lead) Thomas Ryan … Read more

Fern Boyd

Inducted on April 12th, 2011                           Nominated by:  Birgit Pearson Fern has been a member of the Huntley Curling Club for as long as I can remember. Fern was a member of the original start up Founders Club committee that worked hard to get … Read more

Lynn Sabourin

Inducted on April 12, 2011                 Nominated by:  Murray Pearson Lynn Sabourin was an early and strong supporter of the Club. She was a member of the original Founders Sponsors who contributed money to get the operation off the ground, and time – countless hours of service to the … Read more

Stewart Hitchcock

Inducted April 2009                           Nominated by:  Murray Pearson Stewart was in search of a curling facility that was easily accessible to where he lived.  In the early stages of discussion regarding the possibility of a club, Stewart became an active supporter.  Soon, he volunteered … Read more

Ken Peskett

Ken and his wife Jackie wanted to curl; it was their passion. Ken was responsible for securing and organizing the work crews required to build the Huntley Curling Club and in 1980, he helped lay the concrete foundation for the club. Jackie made sandwiches and coffee, and she kept the crews working. Until 2008, Ken … Read more