Well, we had a superb afternoon of curling, with the Cormier team taking on and vanquishing the Sinclair team, in what was an exciting game with some excellent shots by all.

We start in the 5th, with a group grope as they wrestle with the "which is closer" question.  Dwayne has his special laser rangefinder out in the lounge, one that can fit inside 1 inch and measure two stones!!  

Have a look at this: Make sure you look at the tv display in the upper right corner......

IMG 4992

Well, Dwayne has his laser all ready to go in the lounge.....and has demo'd it to the assembled crowd....but....




And that was that, NO LASER.  ha.

And here is a shot of Dave Cormier making a takeout later on:

Now, not to slight Blake, as he too made some great shots, here is one:

All in all  a great game, but the Sinclair Rink has to shake hands with the Cormier Rink, and all is settled.

Here are the runners up:  The Sinclair Rink
Blake Sinclair, George St John, Suzanne St John, Jocelyn Leger, and present only in spirit: Randy Irwin and Karen Sinclair

IMG 5006

and here are the winners:

The Cormier Rink:

Dave Cormier, Lydia Cormier, Aaron Robinson, Chantal Smitheram, and in the crowd cheering: Jas Michalski. 

With Sadness we note that David Bird was absent as a result of the passing of his father.

IMG 5003

And here are they getting the trophy:

IMG 5010