Privacy Policy

The following outlines Huntley Curling Club’s policy with regards to Club member email
addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information:

  1. Purpose: Member personal information will be collected for the purposes of
    communicating HCC information to the members, including League information, HCC
    news, HCC activities, and other such club information, and to facilitate members
    contacting one another for HCC purposes, such as coordinating teams, finding spares,
    arranging volunteer activities, coordinating HCC social events, and other such HCC
    related actions.
  2. Member names, email addresses, and telephone numbers will be published in a HCC
    Member Directory that will be posted in a secure area on the HCC website. This area
    will require members to login with a username and password to access the information.
    It may also be posted on the Club’s leagues boards or distributed by league Convenors
    to the members of the leagues, including spares for those leagues, to facilitate the
    coordination of spares and facilitate members coordinating with other players in their
  3. HCC members may opt out of having their information used for communication
    purposes during the registration process or may indicate this to the Membership
    Director during the year. In the latter case, a reasonable time period will be required to
    remove this information from the many Club publications that are used to assist
  4. Violations of this policy, and concerns raised by members will be addressed by the
    Board of Directors.