Ice Rentals – Corporate, Group, Family or Team

What kind of fun could your group have at the Huntley Curling Club?

Check out this short video from the Alcatel Bonspiel Rental. Just one of many examples of the fun you have when you rent the ice at Huntley Curling Club!

So you decided to try curling – great! This is a fantastic winter social sport and many who play once are often back time and time again.

Located next to the Carp Fairgrounds, Huntley Curling Club is a modern 4 sheet curling facility that can handle a total of 32 people playing at one time! There is also a two-level banquet area for those off the ice to sit back, relax and watch your friends/colleagues play. Each sheet also is equipped with an HD camera so both players and spectators can see the action at the other end of the ice.

Rental FAQ

Q: Do I need to provide my own equipment?
A: No, we simply ask that each person wears a clean pair of flat running shoes.

Q: What equipment do I need to curl?
A: The nice thing about curling is that it doesn’t require lots of equipment, making it ideal for groups to join in! All you need is clean footwear and a broom:

Footwear — Curling shoes are ideal but we understand that you may not have these, so we have a solution. We ask is that each person wears a clean pair of flat running shoes as we have step-on sliders for you to borrow and voila, instant curling shoes. Clean shoes help keep our ice in pristine condition, we appreciate your understanding.

Brooms — If you have your own curling broom that’s great! If not, we have brooms available for those who are renting.

Q: How much does borrowing equipment from Huntley Curling Club cost me?
A: Equipment is included with each rental at no extra cost.

Q: How cold is it out on the ice?
A: Curling ice is cool (about 4°C on the ice), much like going outside on a fresh sunny march day.

Q: What should I wear to curl?
A: We suggest you bring clothing you are comfortable and can move in. A long sleeve shirt or light jacket is preferable as you can add or shed layers as needed. We also suggest track or sweat pants as they are good for flexibility; avoid jeans or dress pants as they have little to no give. Glove or mitts are also a good idea to keep your hands warm.

Q: Is there a place for me to change before and after the game?
A: We offer locker rooms on the basement level for changing, as well as washrooms on the upper level. Please note we do not have showers on-site.

Q: How long does a game normally take to play?
A: Typically an 8-end curling game lasts about 2 hours. However, that can be lengthy for some new curlers so shorter games of 6-ends are often played.

Q: How much does it cost to rent?
A: Check out our rental rates page for more details on fees.

Q: How do I book ice time?
A: Please complete our online rental request form.