Rental Request

The Huntley Curling Club lounge is available for rent all year round. Curling Ice rentals are available during the curling season from October through to April.

Due to league schedules, the best time to find Ice Rental availability is Saturday morning or afternoon

If you are interested in renting the ice, lounge or for another reason, please check our Events calendar for availability and complete the following Rental Request Form. This will tell us a bit about your expectations and desired date.

The submitted form will be automatically emailed to our Director of Rentals who will review the request and be in contact with you.

Please note this is a request form only and does not guarantee a reservation. 

The Huntley Curling Club has many rental requests as well supports its regular league play, thus we will need to review the date and time to ensure ice is available. If the rental date and time are not possible, our Director of Rentals will do their best to provide you with alternatives dates and times.

Our rental rates are located here.   If you have any questions about renting please contact

Rental Request Form
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