Daytime Leagues

Monday Fixed Open 10:00 AM

This league has a capacity of 9 teams. The league is open to any curler, and although competition is the main focus, the league has all the social advantages of club membership. The top teams will compete for the league trophy.

Tuesday Give ‘N Take Open 12:45 PM

This league has a capacity of 9 teams. Teams are made up by the Convenor, and are remixed after every draw, with the aim of introducing all curlers to play with different partners. This daytime social league combines the best of both worlds by providing a competitive game but also a very social atmosphere. At end of season, the top teams will compete for the Stewart & May Given league trophy.

Thursday Open Doubles 12:45 PM

The Daytime Doubles league is for teams of two, mixed gender or not. Couples or friends will enjoy this interesting curling format. League capacity is 9 teams.

Come & Curl — Monday 12:45 PM, Tuesday 9:30 AM, Thursday 9:30 AM

The Come & Curl Leagues are a more casual venue for registered Huntley members, without the pressure of competitive fixed leagues, so that daytime members can enjoy a group setting with teams made up each day on an ad-hoc basis. Teams are determined when everyone arrives. There are always openings to play, and guests are welcome.

Stick Curling Friday 9:30 AM & 10:30 AM

Stick Curling is gaining in popularity across the country. Each stone must be delivered with a curling stick. Sweeping is limited, from the hog line to the back of the house and each team is comprised of two curlers using six stones. Stick curling provides challenge and excitement for everyone on an equal basis in a social atmosphere.