Membership Fees

Returning members who register and pay by the August 31 Membership Preference Date guarantee their returning spot in any league. Please review our Membership Policy.

Please note: Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination will be required for the 2021-2022 curling season.

Membership Fees 2021-2022

Single League (Day or Evening Full Season) $450.00
Each additional league: evening, day, twilight, weekend $100.00
Single Discount League (Saturday/Sunday Leagues Only – Full Season) $350.00
Unlimited Day Only (Full Season) $600.00
Student (21 years or older and post-secondary) – unlimited Curling $270.00
Spare Only Membership $240.00
Winter Half Season Spare Only Membership $130.00
Half Season Option (Fall or Winter session) $270.00
New member discount Daytime and Evening ($100.00)

Learn to Curl Program

Learn to Curl [10 sessions Oct-Jan] Includes equipment $300.00

Youth Membership

Youth Instructional (Sundays) $135.00
Friday Youth Twilight League $100.00

Add Ons

Capital Fee, added to all adult member fees (youth excluded) $50.00
Volunteer Duty Opt-Out Fee $100.00
Volunteer Duty Opt-Out Fee (Half season only) $50.00
60:40 full season pre-payment $48.00
Pay by check Administration fee $10.00
Locker Rental $25.00

Membership Preference Date is August 31, 2021

To keep your team intact and to guarantee your returning spot in any league, all of your members must be registered and paid no later than that date. Since COVID-19 canceled last season, we will be using the 2019/20 season as the benchmark for returning teams.

Paying By Check Registration Changes

If you are paying by check, please register online and indicate you will be paying by check. Your check should be made payable to Huntley Curling Club.

Members choosing to pay by check will not be placed on a team until their full payment is received.

Unfulfilled Volunteer Hours

Each year members are required to volunteer six hours of their time (unless they have paid the volunteer opt out fee) to help the Curling Club operate.

Members with outstanding volunteer hours as of April 30, 2022, will be charged $30 for each hour outstanding at the end of the season. This fee must be paid before they register for the following season.

Returning Members and Team

Preference is granted to returning members who register and pay online, or submit their completed Membership Application form with their payment of membership fees before the Membership Preference Date which is August 31.

Team Declaration: team declaration is made by registering online for a league as a skip, or by registering online and naming your skip if your skip has not yet registered.

Huntley Curling Club Youth Policy changes for 2021/22 Season

Youth and Students Definitions:

  • Youth is under 8 – 20 years and usually has parents pay their curling fees
  • Student is over 21 years and full time student, usually pays their own curling fees

Friday Twilight Youth Curling League

This league will have a flat fee of $100 per player for the entire season.

Policy Changes for Youth Curling in Adult Leagues:

Before being considered to play in an adult league the youngest team member must be at least 16 years old as of December 31st in the current curling season.

Youth playing in adult leagues are expected to pay adult fees unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors.

The Youth team will select their desired league(s) to they would like to join. The league convenor(s) determine if the team will be allowed to play in the league(s). League convenors know their leagues and the social and curling impact a youth team will have on the league. The League convenor’s decision is final.

Monday and Thursday evenings do not require convenor approval.

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