Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions About Registration

How do I change/recover my password, or change my user information/profile?

See our post on how to do this here.

How do I know what regular leagues you have?
How do I register and join the regular leagues?
What is the base membership cost? Is there a cost per additional league? What about discounts?
Do you have a new member discount?
How do I add an additional league after I've already registered?
What is the best league for me?
What if I don't have a team?
Are there any half season leagues?

Adult Curling Questions

Learn to Curl Program

How do I find out about and sign up for Learn-to-curl?

You can find out more about our learn-to-curl program on our website under “Curling, Learn to Curl”. Sign-up links can be found there. (You do not use the regular member registration process.)  Signup generally opens in June for the October classes. We are not planning to run January classes this season.

What's included with, and after Learn-to-curl completes?

Sparing and Playing More

How can I sign up as a spare? Does it cost extra? What are the benefits?

Sparing in other leagues is a great way to see different leagues, meet more curlers and find ways to play more.  If you are registered in at least one league, you can sign-up to spare in as many other leagues as you wish at no charge. New for 2024/25!  - you add or remove your name from a spares list by logging into the member's area and going to MY SPARING AVAILABILITY.

What if I want to add or change what I spare for?
I've played a year or two now ... how do I find ways to play more?


What about volunteering? How many hours? Is there an opt-out fee?

Volunteerism is at the cornerstone of what makes Huntley Curling Club such a great facility. Volunteers are an essential component of the operation of our curling club, as it enhances every member’s experience. Please review our Volunteer Policy.

Each year adult full-season members are expected to volunteer for a minimum of 6 hours with the club, or pay the Volunteer Duty Opt-Out Fee

Members are encouraged to check our website often for upcoming volunteer opportunities. Newsletter emails will also include information about volunteer opportunities as they come up. 

  Fill in this form to log the hours that you have completed for volunteer duty.

If you have any questions about volunteering or just want to put your name in for anything, please send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I find out about volunteering opportunities?
How are volunteer hours reported?

Events and Extras

Is there a list of club events and bonspiels?

Most of the schedules of our major events are listed along with our regular leagues in our Overall League Schedule. Once events are available for registration, they will appear on the Event Registrations page.

How do I sign up to participate in special events?
Is practice ice free? How do I book it?
What is the 60-40 draw and how does it work?
How do locker rentals work?
Are club facilities available to rent?

Youth Curling Questions

Does my child need a helmet?

Helmets, halo style headgear, or protective hats with padding are mandatory for those 12 and under and are strongly recommended for all other ages.

Where do I buy equipment?

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