Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Curling Questions

Learn to Curl Program

You can find out more about our learn-to-curl program on our website under “Leagues, Learn-to-Curl”. Sign-up links can be found there. (You do not use the regular member registration process.)  Signup generally opens in June for the October class and in the fall for the January class (if offered).

Your one-time fee includes 8 weeks of 2-hour instruction on Sunday afternoons, free use of equipment (slider, gripper, broom, stabilizer), and free entry into one of our social leagues within the same curling season (if you wish and if space is available). Free practice time can also be arranged. As well, you will qualify for our new member discount for the following curling season. Remember to sign up as a new, not a returning, member the following season.

Registering in Leagues

All of our leagues are described on our website under the “Leagues” menu.

Our registration site can be found under “Membership, League Registration” and we have additional information at “Membership, How to Join”.

Our full fee structure is described on our website under “Membership, Membership Fees”. In general, our base adult fees for 2023/24 are $450 for the first league and $100 per additional league, plus a fixed $75 capital fee. Our weekday Come and Curls and Saturday leagues qualify for a discount if you are only registering for those.

Yes. New members to Huntley will get a discount. Learn-to-Curl program graduates are reminded to sign up as a new member to get the discount for their first year.

First check with the League Convenor or Match Director to confirm there is space. To add a league to an existing membership, do not register from scratch again. Instead, use our Fees and Upgrades page found under “Membership, Upgrade or Add League” and follow the instructions there.

All of our leagues are open to all skill levels, but you may find some more suited to your experience level than others. Read more on the “Leagues” description pages on our website. You are welcome to contact our Match director if you wish to get a better feel for what you may enjoy.

All of our leagues accept registrations as singles. We will try our best to find a team for you, or refund you if we can’t. We also have a Looking for a Team list on our website under “Membership, Looking for a Team” where you can add your name or look for other potential teammates.

While most of our leagues require full season payment, a few offer half season fees. These include the weekday Come and Curls, the Monday and Tuesday daytime leagues, and the Friday and Saturday evening social leagues.

A common question we get is about delays in credit card transactions. For the past several years, we have had to settle transactions in batches every 10-14 days, so it is not uncommon to see a similar delay on your bank statements. If it is more than 21 days, please contact the Membership Director. We are looking to improve this in the future.

Sparing and Playing More

Sparing in other leagues is a great way to see different leagues, meet more curlers and find ways to play more.  If you are registered in at least one league, you can sign-up to spare in as many other leagues as you wish at no charge. Signing up to spare is best done when you register for the season. Look for the large “+Add Spare” button during the registration process. If you are registering as a Spare–Only member, however, there is a fee for that type of membership.

If you wish to add or remove your name from a spares list after registration, send your request by email to the Membership director

There are several ways. Most of our leagues will have a few openings, so signing up as a single is an option.  Sparing for other leagues is another great (and free) way to start playing more. You may also contact our Match Director who can help you find other ways.


Volunteerism is at the cornerstone of what makes Huntley Curling Club such a great facility. Volunteers are an essential component of the operation of our curling club. Each year, adult full-season members are expected to volunteer for a minimum of 6 hours with the club, 3 hours for adult half-season members, or pay the opt-out fee (currently $120 full season, $60 half season).

Volunteer opportunities are announced in our newsletters and website postings, and are collected on our Volunteering page under “Membership, Volunteering. Or you can ask any of us at the club, or if you see something that you think you can do, let one of the Board members know. We can certainly use your help.

Volunteer hours are generally reported by the organizer of the event requiring the volunteers. However members can self-report their hours using a form on our website. See the club website under “Membership, Volunteering” for more information.

Events and Extras

Most of the schedules of our major events are listed along with our regular leagues in our Overall League Schedule found under the “Leagues” page.

Signup for most of our events can be found under Membership, Register for an Event on our web page when the event is ready to accept entries. Occasionally, some no-charge events may be posted on a board at the club.

Practice ice is available free to all members. Scheduling is done through email to our Match Director (

All adult members’ names are put in a drum and a draw is held every Saturday night. If the name drawn has not paid for that week, the prize is held over to the next week. Entries are $2/week cash in the box, or can be purchased for the entire season ($48 for 24 weeks) as an add-on when you register for the season or on our Fees and Upgrades page later. If you pay cash, check off your name in the binder for the weeks you are paying.

Locker rentals are currently $25/season and can be purchased as an add-on when you register for the season. They can also be purchased later, if space is available, on our Fees and Upgrades page under “Membership, Upgrade or Add League.” If lockers are not listed as a purchasable item, then they are sold out. Please do not take a locker without paying first.

Yes the ice, lounge and bar available to rent by the public and at discounted rates for club members. See our Rentals page for more info.

Youth curling questions:

Helmets, halo style headgear, or protective hats with padding are mandatory for those 12 and under and are strongly recommended for all other ages.

Many curling clubs and sports stores in the area sell curling equipment. The Burnt Rock Curling Co. store located within Huntley Curling Club stocks a full range of equipment and is considered one the best in the region. It is generally open Mon-Sat 10:00 to 4:00 as well as Thursday and Friday evenings during the curling season.

We require the youth to purchase a slider and gripper; however, we will provide the curling brooms and stabilizers. We do have a few sliders and grippers available to borrow for your youth to try before purchasing.

No problem. Our coaches welcome all experience levels and will quickly get them up to speed.

Our youth program coordinator ( and head coach will gladly accept your assistance.

Our youth coordinator ( monitors area club events and will keep you apprised.